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We respect that there are diverse perspectives in our nation, community, and student body on the issues that have been debated across the country in recent days. It must be clear to all that the students who chose to kneel broke no school rule and will not be penalized in any way. Further, we reject intolerance and incivility in all instances and even more so when it is directed toward our students, as has happened

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The Super Bowl committee theme is North a reflection of the culture that bundles up and embraces the longest of the four seasons rather than running from it. At the NFL Super Bowl Live festivities along Nicollet Mall downtown, there a bridge for cross country skiing, biking and tubing through 85 truckloads of snow. A few blocks away, a zip line is set up to take daredevils across a portion of the frozen Mississippi River.

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Equally clear is the fact that up front the Oilers are top heavy in experienced players on left wing, especially with addition of the Jokinen who immediately becomes the oldest and most experienced player on the entire roster. A very nice replacement for the departing Matt Hendricks and Benoit Pouliot, who along with Lucic and Maroon made LW the Oilers deepest position last year in terms of experience. This year there are three veterans in

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LINE: OAKLAND by 5The Raiders officially became playoff spectators after last week loss to Green Bay. A 4 3 start to the season provided some promise but things went south after that with just two wins in seven tries and now Oakland will face its customary scrutiny in addition to a possible relocation. Not exactly ideal conditions to be giving away points to a division mate now, is it? Granted, the Chargers are also one

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He worked in a studio during the day and was an inventor at night. He was quite skilled. He was a machinist, he had a workshop, he had all sorts of metalworking equipment, so he was able to take his ideas from the mechanical drafting table to a prototype. Mike Colbert, race and sports director for Cantor Gaming, which runs the M Resort’s sports book, said risk is what the high stakes pigskin pool was

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“Packers fans are the best in the world. I know how much our fans can make a difference in the outcome of a big game so I want to send some die hard Packers fans out to Seattle to help bring home a victory. Let’s all support the team while raising money for a great cause, Driver said.. 25, 2002, in a 27 21 loss. The only other time, he led the way to a

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The Arena Football League announced last week that there were new division alignments for the 2011 season. New franchises, such as the New Orleans VooDoo, will highlight natural and re spark old rivalries in all four divisions. The eighteen teams are split into the National and American Conference. During the time of King Henry VIII, cockfights were held at whitehall palace. The game became a national sport at one point, and exclusive schools were required

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Sully: Yes. Sanchez has been the AL’s best and most sensational rookie. It’s not about how many games he’s played, but his impact on the sport and the Yankee franchise. Earnhardt, the most famous name in the business of NASCAR, added another notch to the family legacy over the weekend by tweeting that he would donate his brain to science. The only risk I’ve experienced on the couch is getting slobber faced by my Boxers

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I realize that you will typically watch the Bears live in the press box but I was wondering what your opinion is as to how watchable the NFL game is now? Many people seem to think that NFL ratings are down due to some combination of head injuries, the presidential election (last year), cord cutting and the never ending issue of players that choose to bend the knee. However, for me, the NFL game on

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If, as reported, Jon Bon Jovi is out as front man for a Toronto group bidding for the Buffalo Bills, can we please take the next step? With his pal Tim Leiweke exiting stage left, can we take down that inane Bon Jovi banner at the Air Canada Centre? Like, right away? . How did it make sense to have Bon Jovi up in the rafters but not Dave Keon? . Just wondering: If the