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You can go online, make an investment, track your portfolio performance, and we send you all the paperwork you will need, and we take care of all the back end process on top of it all. We pull all the investors together behind an LLC, and we negotiate on your behalf with all the rights a real property owner would have. So, it protects the crowd and also gives us control over the property performance.

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If you thought last night was nerve wracking or made you want to throw up in your pants, whoa, that’s nothing. The Dolphins are pretty much in WIN EVERY GAME FROM NOW ON FOREVARRR mode. This thanks to the sixty billion team tie for that final wild card spot. UM fans are entitled to a strong football program, so it just has to be that things are getting better in AA. That almost has to

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Dr. Steven Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, is the $3.4 billion man. Government investigations and product liability cases over its marketing of the diabetes drug Avandia cases that began as a result of research by Dr. Mike said he didn feel pain,” she said.Jones says Adrian died trapped in that shower covered with plywood strapped down to a chair.”His legs were really swollen. His hands were swollen. He had like scars

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With Muhammad Leonard Williams and the returning Sheldon Richardson up front for New York’s defense, Bills offensive will have its work cut out. That has not been made any easier by injury. They to have any joy going forward, Ryan must find a way to contain the Jets rush. “We are sad to hear about the passing of Titans owner Bud Adams,” Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder said in a statement. “I will never forget

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In comparison, crunches are considered an “isolation lift,” meaning they only work one muscle group: The abs. In comparison to your legs (let alone your whole body), the abs simply aren’t very big. So by working them you’ll strengthen your six pack core, but the likelihood of ever shedding that fat layer that keeps them hidden is very low.. Contacts: Dot Tam Ho, 877 5433; Ann Bradley, 242 4157. Shotgun start. The event will help

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I wanted to celebrate. Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill yesterday, it behooves me to recap Game 2 of the World Series last night, when the former Boise Hawk got the start. Hill, in a duel with Houston Justin Verlander, was replaced after only four innings despite allowing only one run on three hits and striking out seven. It amazing that so many people read this article and comment that Coach Miles return to Ann Arbor is

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Perhaps it is a common belief that because there is a pill for everything these days that an STI is part and parcel of a free and unencumbered sexual lifestyle. What most people do not think of are the life long viruses and infections that stay with people for life after skin to skin contact, such as herpes, genital warts, HPV, and potentially deadly viruses like HIV and syphilis. Currently one third of people who

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“I had that talk with grandma. We talked about what do you want to do for your career,” he said. “In that time in 1994, soccer was not the thing in the states, especially in high school. First time you go out on the field for a varsity game, it amazing, Abbamonte said. Hard to describe. Growing up in Damascus, the whole town is behind you. Goldberg, meet Goldbergs. 51 year old Goldberg has a

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“It’s not a good situation,” Gase said on Monday according to ESPN. “It’s not something you expect. But things happen sometimes that you don’t anticipate and you have to deal with it. MILWAUKEE (AP) Keon Broxton hit a pinch hit home run, Manny Pina drove in two runs, Zach Davies pitched into the seventh and the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 3 1 on Tuesday night.Davies (14 6) allowed six hits, including Adam Frazier’s

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He’s good to everybody. He’s made a lot of friends and very, very few enemies. I may have made some enemies in my time. NOTES: The Packers have a bye this week. Players are due to report back at Lambeau Field on Tuesday, Oct. 31 and the team next plays a Monday night home game on Nov. Parts of the western Hartland are already under a flood watch.Good morning it is Monday, March 26. First