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Axe has shown a fair bit of enterprise in creating its own branded events. Parties and music have become big business for Axe. While many brands sponsor parties, Axe kicks it up a notch by rebranding popular nightclubs with the moniker “Axe Lounge,” as it did all last summer at the Hamptons hot spot Dune, and at Miami’s LIV nightclub during a weekend last February. Morgan State was 2 9 last season, forfeiting its season

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Pizza Hut gets collective use of all 32 NFL team marks. It also says the NFL will work closely with the chain “to facilitate local, exclusive team partnerships.” Meanwhile, Papa John’s said Tuesday it would continue to have marketing relationships with 22 of the teams. It’s unclear which teams will side with which chains. If you take the name and number off Keenum jersey and watch him play, you ask anybody in football, he playing

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Weighed in at 240 pounds here, five above what he expected. He said it was due to weight inadvertently added prior to weighing in. Still, he said he expected to run the 40 yard dash in the 4.4 second range. Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act, which required cable and satellite companies to obtain permission from TV broadcasters before carrying their programming. Rules are woefully out ofdate, are the primary reason cable bills are

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With photoWARM UP TO CORN: An alternative heating choice Earl Rogers has found that firing up a corn stove on a porch can warm a house with savings. Rogers had a corn stove installed three years ago in the enclosed front porch of his two story, approximately 1,500 square foot house in Bloomington. By Tamara Browning of the State Journal Register.. No matter how you cut it, Pittsburgh is being overvalued here. Since that loss

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Really feel sorry for this troubled man. June Jones gave him a second chance and he did more than his part while at UH. He was a dedicated player, kept out of trouble, was humble and articulate, and turned it into a productive, if not spectacular, NFL career. “We would want officers located in, not necessarily living in Cascade, but be assigned to the Cascade area all of the time, Nissula said. If there were

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Think he a freakish athlete, Pederson said. Into it right now, I not going to limit him. I want to see how much I can give him and see how much he can handle. Contact Us,Well, University of Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley works a heck of a lot faster than his counterpart at Miami. Will Muschamp, the defensive coordinator of the Texas Longhorns, has been named the new head honcho in Gainesville. Previously, he

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A: Any time during the season is a good time to hunt. Actually, opening weekend can be tough if the weather is too warm for the dogs or there is still an abundance of standing corn for roosters to escape in. Personally, I think late October and early November are good times. Words can’t express how grateful I am to the University of Missouri and all of the amazing people who make it up, from

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The ad runaway success changed how advertisers approach Super Bowl Sunday ever since. Instead of standalone spots, Super Bowl ads have become the anchors of extended marketing campaigns with vast social media presences often launched weeks before the game. This year, more than 20 brands have already released their full Super Bowl ads or special teasers for them.. Realize how many families this has affected forever, said Linda. Will never be the same. Passenger who

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“Movies of the Week work used to be a staple on TV. Years ago nearly all the networks had a weekly made for TV movie. Not anymore,” said Sanders, who has done six movies for Hallmark including two Christmas films. This awesome football stadium came into being on 2nd September, 1899. Hillsborough football stadium has a capacity of 39,814 spectators. It is the largest football stadium in England. Our tester was pleased with the fruity

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Mother of Simpson two youngest children was Nicole Brown Simpson. Have suffered as much as Fred has, that true, said Cook. Live in this other world where there been a civil court who ruled that their father murdered their mother. On Sunday about 67 miles east of Ponce Inlet with no one on board. A Clearwater MH 60 Jayhawk helicopter aircrew was dispatched and lowered a rescue swimmer to the boat. The swimmer confirmed the