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It only makes sense that those pool players looking for their own personal or custom cue sticks would, more often than not, be concerned with the details of its construction and crafting. After all, a personal cue stick is no small investment, and for someone who spends many hours playing a game they love, quality of the equipment is important. When an item like a pool cue is hand made with superior care and craftsmanship,

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Athletes won a bronze medal in the first ever team event at the Sochi Olympics. Despite some Olympic experience on the 2018 roster, all skaters will be new to the Olympic team event competition. Nevertheless, they are in pursuit of a second team event medal. The paper reports that Darren Wilson says he was pinned in his vehicle, fearing for his life as he was in a struggle with Michael Brown for his gun. The

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Antonio Garay, 33, is an eight year NFL nose tackle, who after six years with the San Diego Chargers was signed as an unrestricted free agent to a one year pact with the New York Jets. The six foot four and 320 pound Boston College grad was expected to be a starter, but was released one day before the Jets first game of the season. Garay is the son of a Jewish mother and Catholic

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One of the weirder fight game developments of the week in Las Vegas has been the ongoing verbal back and forth between Jon Jones and Miesha Tate. Jones can fight right now because he suspended for failing a drug test, and Tate is retired. For some reason, though, they been throwing verbal bombs at one another all week about Jones drug test, and it sure doesn seem like it going to end any time soon

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in honor of it, a McCully makeup artist is donating her services to cancer patients and survivors.25 year old Brooke Laporte welcomes a little natural into her life, she’s battling stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Treatment is going well, but she’s lost most of her hair.”I’ve always had long hair so that was a challenge for me. It’s not superficial. After a brief feud with Goldust, the Undertaker began

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Mobile, AL MOBILE, AL (RNN) When people think about Mardi Gras, the first thing that comes to mind is New Orleans. But what many don realize is that Mardi Gras was actually first celebrated in a nearby port city in Alabama, which still serves up a pretty fun carnival of its own.Every year, hundreds of thousands of people flock to Mobile, AL downtown district to experience the one and only original Mardi Gras.The birthplace of

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The mailbag nowadays can be depressing, mirroring recent Bears football. It all seems the same after the past few seasons: Constant misses in drafts, Jay Cutler pros and cons, etc. Let’s change the format for a week. The pickup off the Carolina practice squad was 5 for 5 in Monday night’s victory over Denver, including one from 51 yards. The Cowboys are without Dan Bailey, the most accurate in history among kickers with at least

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I also lost a lot of weight, because when I’m having a bad day, a couple handfuls of blueberries and Cheerios seems like a good meal. That’s not a joke, that was literally my supper on several occasions. And I found myself fidgeting like I had spent the night in a hotel overrun by bedbugs, even on the days when I hadn’t replaced my blood with heroin.. Des spcialistes de l’volution ont vu que la

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Soon, League Commissioner Joe Carr learned of the use of high school players for the Badgers Cardinals game and sternly punished the team and its owner. The team was fined $500 (the entry fee for teams was only $50 at the time), and the owner, Ambrose McGurk, was ordered to sell the team within 90 days. McGurk also was banned from any further association with the NFL for the rest of his life. An awful

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Erie quickly got the runs back in the last of the second against Trenton starter Justus Sheffield. Grayson Greiner doubled with one out and scored on a two out Gabriel Quintana base hit to make it 2 1. Simcox reached on an error, pushing Quintana into scoring position. Something else they’re not counting, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office, is the full cost of pay raises for the state’s unionized workforce. Pending agreements with