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Great to make our own history, our own path, Scott said. Team has its own identity and we trying to create our own. Was so rugged that the highlight reel play was All Pro linebacker Ray Lewis explosive second quarter hit on Titans fullback Ahmard Hall near the sideline. “Definitely, I want to get back there but at the same time, it helps me being familiar with the system,” Deng said. “Last year, being new

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Clarkson told Self magazine that she composes songs and lyrics as she’s trying to drift off to sleep. The first American Idol winner can’t wait until morning; she feels she has to immediately write down or record her ideas. “That’s why I have a hard time sleeping,” she said. It is Berry’s second Pro Bowl as he also made it in 2011. Foster has been chosen for the third year in a row. Manning is

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There been a flood of new amenities coming to this area. It like night and day looking at it now compared to what it was like when I was a kid. 23 storeys, will not be as tall than other highrises in the area, and has something of a boutique feel in its design by architects at IBI Group. He is the quintessential character actor: On screen, in a film like Men in Black or

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Felt pretty confident that he was all in, Davis said. That the term that we were using in our discussions and everything, are you all in? And I never wavered from all in. And this time he didn waver, either. Keep your eyes on the receiver until he looks back or is about to catch the ball. When he is about to catch the ball, swat the ball out of his hands, or tackle him

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Dora McCain passed away Thursday at age 79.McCain and two other bank employees were kidnapped after the robbery by Wilbert Rideau. McCain was shot during an escape attempt, and survived by playing dead. But another employee, Julia Ferguson was killed.The case lead to a legal drama that lasted 44 years, it ended after Rideau fourth trial. Ricker has faced Olympic pain before. She participated in the first ever Olympic snowboarding competition as a 19 year

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I was recently asked to write a foreword to the Mexican edition of Kari Polanyi Levitt’s . Kari is Karl Polanyi daughter, and the essays in her book part memoir, part intellectual history, part analysis of the global economy provide a wonderful Polanyi esque perspective on our day. “The Great Transformation” was on the course syllabus, sitting somewhat awkwardly amidst more standard political science fare. But as a special addition, the music world Mr. Congeniality

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The sports leagues, of course, agree. League Baseball is committed to providing a safe environment at all our ballparks and believes that our current policy is the right one for all of our fans, an MLB spokesman told Forbes. Considering that baseball only just instituted airport style screening at all parks before the 2015 season, it no surprise that they are not keen to ban pocketknives and scissors while providing a new exception for certain

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Games are so big, regardless, but when your parents are there, you want to make the trip even more special, Stajan said. Mood on the plane after a game, it always a bit better if you win. It is even if your moms aren there. Although the National Football League itself has not yet endorsed the WDFL, several ex NFL players have. Former NFL offensive lineman Marques Ogden is an executive member of the WDFL’s

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In 2008, Brock had an all pro season with the af2’s Peoria Pirates. He was second on the team with 233 yards rushing and set a franchise record with 112 receptions, 1,406 receiving yards and 26 touchdowns. He led the Pirates in scoring and all purpose yards and was named team’s Most Valuable Player. A thought: Is Phil Kessel a Hart Trophy candidate? There is Sidney Crosby, Ryan Getzlaf, always Jonathan Toews but after that,

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The scoop: Pittsburgh needs win over bitter old rival and help from the Bills to make the playoffs. Otherwise Steelers will be the most dangerous team not in the playoffs instead of the team nobody wants to face in the playoffs. Johnny Manziel was under concussion protocol he ought to have his head examined during the week and is questionable. Should Favre indeed step away, the 27 year old T Jack is now back at