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KANSAS CITY, MO With a few hours to spare, the Kansas City Chiefs and Justin Houston have agreed to a deal that makes Houston the highest paid linebacker in NFL history.The six year, $101 million deal reportedly makes Houston the second highest paid player in the NFL. Media reports indicate that $52.5 million is guaranteed. The Chiefs did not release details.Houston announced the deal via his Twitter account.”Blessed to sign contract with the KC Chiefs.In

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“It’s all leadership,” Wilfork said. “Sometimes you have to understand how to get the best out of everyone. Sometimes coaches can struggle with that because they have so much of a bigger picture. The way the spread offense has taken over college football has made the NFL draft even more of a crapshoot. In the past, pro scouts had seen college prospects perform in something similar to the NFL. Nowadays, other than rarities such as

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Lewis is coming back from a partial shoulder separation. Coach Brian Billick will make a game time decision about Lewis, but it appears that the decision is more with Lewis on Sunday morning. He says that the shoulder is still sore, but not as sore as last week. Only, Sambit has never heard of Auburn, or Alabama, doesn’t know that they play college football, or that they are rivals. I fumble around. This is perhaps

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“We are supposed to supplement Christmas but many times this is all the child will get.”Just across the road from the Love Inc. Headquarters is the closed GE Foundry. It’s a reminder of a suffering economy. Randall, a Florida native, came to ASU as a junior college transfer from Mesa Community College in 2013. A groin injury set him back early, but he burst onto the scene in his first career start, a 17 tackle

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When he was running, he looked pretty good. You never know how it’s going to feel afterward, but while he’s out there, while he’s running his routes, he looked like AB.”Brown left in the first half against New England on Dec. 17 when his legs got tangled with a pair of Patriots defenders while trying to haul in a touchdown pass.. The new, bigger hill is quite a challenge. Lesson learned: Skiing without knowing how

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Don be fooled. Behind that laid back nature is an intelligent, studious football player who fiercely competitive and unshakably confident, both Head and Fitzgerald insisted. It genuine too, they said and contagious.. For one thing, PC sales are declining globally, and the trend doesn show signs of reversing. According to research firm IDC, PC shipments fell 8.6% in the third quarter of this year. By contrast, IDC tablet forecast was adjusted upward to 122.3 million

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They would tell you that I led by example. I taught them to work hard, stand strong, to love and to be loved. They would also tell you that I am their hero. I do think that we got guys that are closing in on the ball a lot faster, guys are in better position when balls are loose. We got a lot of guys hustling to the ball, so the law of averages tells

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The best biker gang show on TV. OK, so there not a lot of competition. But it outstanding part part and a worthy successor to Shield. Young, but we talented. The future here is bright, and my job an an overage goalie is to shut down the other teams best I can. Live and die with their numbers, so, sure, Tremblay wishes his save percentage was a little higher than .885 and his goals against

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“As this year’s host, I would like to ask for your support by joining me this year and attending the event that will help raise funds for the fight against ALS. Every dollar that we raise through this night will be used to provide critical services to our patients in need in Tennessee free medical equipment, in home patient visits by trained social workers, respite care relief funding for caregivers, research, clinical trials and so

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The trade perhaps means the Browns really liked Goff and maybe were not as trusting of Wentz’s NFL prospects. Believing they could no longer get Goff with the Rams now picking No. 1, they opted to maximize the value of the pick and increase their ability to address multiple needs by trading down.. A few years ago, Shropshire adds, the NBA adopted the same arrangement. But some of the players in the NBA players association