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2 in the NFL). He’s been a top target for both Aaron Rodgers and Brett Hundley.Since 2014, Adams ranks in the top 10 in the NFL in receiving touchdowns (four, tied for No. 4), receptions (28, tied for No. Take away Foles numbers from his one disastrous season with an awful Rams team and he is 16 9 as a starter with 49 career TD passes, 17 interceptions, and a 94.8 passer rating. Oh, yeah,

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SHEN BOYS WIN STILWATER CAMBRIDGE RACE >> Evan Scriven took second overall and Alex Kruk was sixth to help the Shenendehowa boys team to first place with 21 team points at the Stillwater Cambridge race at Willard Mountain Monday night. Teammate Caitlyn Kelly had a 244 656 and Amanda CHyanowski finished with a 223 647. Micaela Barbolt finished with a 216 589 to lead the Blue Streaks.. Went to Chicago camp the next year and

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The “breach” should not have happened. The Sanders staffer should not have looked and so long. Who knows what got printed or downloaded. It’s your mission as the custodians of the conference to take pandering politics out of it, employ a long term big picture approach and consider all the pertinent numbers projections and potential; analytics and academics. If you do this, as I’ve written before, I’m confident you will conclude UCF is geographically, demographically,

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Trump is also winning support from West Virginia Coal Miners, a group that turned away from Hillary Clinton earlier this week. Clinton plans to increase cleaner forms of energy, and that’s a plan that would put miners and mines out of business. Trump spoke to those miners yesterday, and they pledged their support to him, giving him a hard hat. “I think more than anything, it’s a big game,” Goff said. “What’s what it boils

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The Bengals (1 2) have been out of sync on both offense and defense. They failed to make any game turning plays in the fourth quarter of back to back losses against the Steelers and the Broncos. With Burfict back and Eifert close to form, they got two of their top playmakers available again.. Also, Ohio State is investigating charges that athletes received improper help in classes. Clarett, who rushed for 1,237 yards and 18

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To wit, I was walking into Panda Express this week and a young man was kind enough to hold the door for me. Theo Lawson leads off with his game story and a great sidebar on the two Florida receivers leading the way. (As an aside, Tavares Martin Jr. Dru Love, the son of two time Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III, received a sponsor’s exemption. Love also is playing in the tournament. “Everyone takes

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My feet still haven’t touched the ground. My throat is raw and scratchy. My voice is shot. Carr was twisted to the ground by Indianapolis linebacker Trent Cole on a sack with the Raiders leading 33 14. Carr stayed down for several minutes in pain as trainers came out to treat him. With the crowd chanting “M V P! M V P!” Carr limped off the field without putting any pressure on his right leg..

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“I would ask the question, ‘Why is it important that you know everything?’” Los Angeles Kings coach John Stevens said. “I think sometimes it protects the player. Sometimes a player’s working through an injury. You drive around the neighborhoods, and ain nobody outside. The park over there back by (the former Western) Reserve (High School), with the basketball courts and tennis courts, they got grass and stuff growing on them. So I can tell that

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The job cuts, an ESPN decision as it re positions itself for the future and not a mandate from parent company Disney, will affect around 100 out of the 1,000 so called “front facing” employees at ESPN, and the people with contracts will see those deals honored in full. Jim Miller, who co wrote a book on ESPN’s history, said Wednesday that “around 50 names you will recognize; another 50 you may not” will be

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Why your head hurts so muchWhile the influenza virus is wholly contained in the lungs under normal circumstances, several symptoms of influenza are systemic, including fever, headache, fatigue and muscle aches. In order to properly combat influenza infection, the cytokines and chemokines produced by the innate immune cells in the lungs become systemic that is, they enter the bloodstream, and contribute to these systemic symptoms. When this happens, a cascade of complicating biological events occur..