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Didn’t Jim Caldwell go to a Super Bowl once? Oh yeah, he lost to the Saints. But wait, if you go to the Super Bowl . Never mind. If you don’t achieve that, it’s like a failed year. When the postseason comes, we have to learn to finish.” Devastated after last year’s stunning loss to the Giants, Curtis was among the last to leave Texas Stadium. The loss haunted him throughout the off season. 3.

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This is a new one: Esteban Loaiza, drug kingpin. The second winningest pitcher from Mexico in MLB history was arrested Friday with 20 kilos of heroin or cocaine, according to San Diego police records. He be in court Wednesday to face felony drug charges. “My dad had a deep affection for the Naval Academy and all who supported the football program. It was his life, it became my life, it still is my life,” Belichick

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What helped them out was the Bears struggling to do the same outside of the first half. Mitchell Trubisky led one solid Bears’ offensive drive all day an 8 play, 59 yard drive in the first quarter which ended with a touchdown pass to Dontrelle Inman. Tarik Cohen electrified the crowd in the second quarter with an incredible 65 yard punt return where he ran backwards to avoid defenders then right through the San Francisco

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“When we’re trying to have 120 million watch the halftime show, he has a really good sense of that,” Quenzel said. “I think he has clear opinions when we present the options and I think he balances those very smartly. He will leave it to the experts as long as he does not have an issue with it. Jameis Winston has put up two years’ worth of solid numbers and just enough victories that he

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Justin Thomas. Dude is 24, and he just secured PGA player of the year by winning the Fed Ex Cup title. Oh, by the way, that Fed Ex title comes with $10 million. Thomas had been charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly pushed his wife with a kitchen chair, punched her in the stomach and grabbed her by the neck on Oct. 31. He was also accused of possession with intent to use drug

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Well, you sheep easily overreact. Let be clear about something you didn know. Even though we inundated with our minds and attention being drawn to locals such as this who partake of illegal virtual pornography, there are folks in high places who have privilege and are just as guilty who never been tried and convicted in a court of law. Jordan snared the rebound and sent it ahead to Ehab Amin, who slammed it home

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So I guess I the only one not in total panic mode? Trouba great, it hurt, but they can get by for a couple of months as long as he fully healed by April. JT maybe a 2 3 win player over a full year. He missing a third of the year.. The point of all of this was easy to see: if black athletes could assert themselves in the ring or on the baseball

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Tom: I gave them a pretty good review, because they put on a great performance for their fans, but The Lumineers leave me cold on record and in performance. I accuse them of bombast, except I often like bombast. Just not by them. ST. JOSEPH, MO When they arrived, they found a 24 year old man outside the house who was suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. Medical personnel were called and helped the man, but

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By Theresa Schmidt bio emailAs the sun peeps over the horizon on Mardi Gras morning, depending on where you are, you can hear the whooping and hollering of revelers in places such as Iowa, Iota, Oberlin and elsewhere.They have a Mardi Gras celebration unique to their area in Iowa, Louisiana. It just down the road from Lake Charles where they keep Mardi Gras tradition alive with a chicken run that for many years featured the

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San Francisco) they have opened on Monday Night Football. It will also be the start of a four game stretch to othat features three away contests.Following the season opener, the Saints will begin their 2017 Mercedes Benz Superdome slate when they host the Super Bowl LI champion New England Patriots on September 17. CT kickoff. Is pretty good, Zimmer said, when asked where the victory ranked in his career. Get a chance to go play