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Working to put ourselves out of business, said Joyce Zuk, executive director of Family Services Windsor Essex, about the coalition of groups tackling homelessness. Going to end chronic homelessness by making agencies do a better job. 201 nightly homeless people from the City of Windsor survey funded by $41,000 from Employment and Social Development Canada and conducted April 19 and 20 last year is a conservative estimate. Another main competitor Anton Slepyshev was hurt, but

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Was initially scared to take food. However, he did eventually eat and his blood sugar spiked so high they had to stop feeding him, Jones said. Noted that (his) blood work came back normal, but he was living off his body fat and muscle. Rob Hope, raptor care manager at OWL rehab in South Delta, estimated that at least 100 owls brought to the facility last year showed signs of rodenticide poisoning. They were mostly

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Elsewhere on social media: The Patriots changed their Twitter avatar to a shot of Brady’s jersey. Four men wearing Patriots jerseys were arrested during a sit in at the NFL offices promoted by the Boston website Barstool Sports. And a GoFundMe account to pay the $1 million fine levied against Kraft, a billionaire, raised more than $8,000 from almost 600 people in its first 24 hours.. That’s certainly something in my head. But our job

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The biggest banks in the world are now well over $2 trillion in assets. That’s many, many zeroes away. But our size is now getting to be an asset for us in terms of coverage. The Golden Arches on Jan. 3 launched the brand refresh a reaffirmation of its commitment to “I’m lovin’ it” with an animated spot called “Arch Enemies,” along with product focused spots for the Egg McMuffin and the Big Mac, all

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So are all providers equal in this; Comcast, Dish, DirecTV? I don’t get a lot of information other than a couple of clips. I’ll be calling DirecTV tomorrow to find out (probably nothing, given the recentness of the news and the depth on the bench at DirecTV, so to speak). If they’re killing games on the expanded broadcast channels for DirecTV, I may very well not have any reason to maintain my satellite service. Cambridge

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On Tuesday, the team’s website said the Packers would face the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, Aug. 7 in the Hall of Fame Game. At Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, OH. (Source: WLOX)More than one hundred people packed into the Home of Grace chapel to say good bye to Kevin Hyatt, a man killed in a car crash in Jackson County this week.More than one hundred people packed into the Home of Grace

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Outlook: You look at all the talent returning in the Penn State offensive backfield and then check out what is likely the best linebacking trio in the Big Ten, and you think this team is a cinch to get back to the Rose Bowl. Not so fast. Three all conference linemen who protected Clark last season and opened holes for Royster and Green are gone. A shocking number for the average family to think about,

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The guidance we released last month intends to help states as they develop and evaluate their programs. It provides for state flexibility but also details the necessary protections states must include for people with disabilities or other health issues that may prevent them from participating in a community engagement requirement, including those with opioid addiction and other substance use disorders. Our guidance also requires states to address local economic conditions that may impact an individual’s

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On the flight home from Los Angeles after the Eagles clinched a playoff spot, McLeod and Jeffery shared a moment to celebrate. They documented it on social media, letting their followers realize how long the wait has been. They arrived in the NFL as rookies the same year, and they had talked all season about finally breaking through. GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) During the hearing, Parker told the court that she was at the home of

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Today, there are a vast number of traditions at sporting events. Often times we watch them or even take part in them and enjoy being part of something with so much history. However, we don’t always think about when, where or how they began.The tradition of welcoming back alumni to their former stomping grounds has been commonplace at schools across the United States for many years. The Bills released fullback Frank Summers on Tuesday, five