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If there was, that is where it might get a little bit problematic,” said Jim Andrews, senior VP marketing for sponsorship consultancy IEG. A Hyundai spokesman said the automaker has known there would be a truck sponsor since day one. “Like Hyundai, Ford recognizes the value in being an NFL sponsor and reaching the millions of passionate fans who are gearing up for the start of the season tomorrow,” the spokesman said. Sometime in the

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When Washington voters passed I 502 in 2012, legalizing recreational marijuana, it opened up new business opportunities and created more jobs. But some are pointing out that one community is still being left out of that field people with felony records. Now, the same community that suffered under decades of the war on drugs is asking that courts make things right by altering past charges related to marijuana.. NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith

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The 65 year old has dealt with health problems in recent years, including treatment for diverticulitis and a successful fight against kidney cancer last offseason. He won a franchise record 50 games in his five seasons with the Cardinals.Lewis just completed his 15th season with the Bengals, none of which included a playoff victory.Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks says the Giants, Lions and Colts have requested interviews with him for their head coaching positions.If Wilks

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Abreu and Wolenski helped Greenthumb fight his grow house charges. Abreu says his client was wrongly charged with attempted trafficking based on the evidence. The plants collected at his grow house were nowhere close to being harvested. With the rights to “Reading Rainbow,” Burton and RRKIDZ helped launch an iPad app of the children’s show. But that wasn’t enough. Have access to tablets while 97 percent of families have Internet access. Even though the Mestes

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Said it made my eyes look good, he quipped. Guess that the only positive I get from it. N’ THAT. When I took this photo, I was on the grounds by the Statue of Liberty. The weather had changed so quickly. At one moment the twin towers were bathed in sunlight the next they were surrounded by deep blue/grey storm clouds. Wimpy Winther (1972): Richard Lew “Wimpy” Winther was Archie Manning’s center and an All

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The Blast website reported the video was shot in 2013 at a Dallas hotel by a white man who asked Jones if he would tape a message for his fiancee. Jones appeared to be joking when he said, Jennifer, congratulations on the wedding. Now, you know he with a black girl tonight, don you? the video release Friday, Jones apologized in a statement issued by the team, saying, comment was inappropriate. In Coplay, 5,000 turn

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“I could have left and put my name in the draft, but my parents and I agreed it was best to come back.” Foster, who will be in Pasadena on Thursday for Pac 10 media day, wants to help complete a turnaround at Washington, which went from a winless program two years ago to becoming a Pac 10 threat this fall. “We’re turning it up a level,” Foster said. “We know we are not going

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The public private partnership intended to bring retail business, office space and municipal buildings to 22 acres west of Jefferson Avenue between 28th and 35th streets. Far from it, actually. Brooks graduated from the University of Virginia in 1998 and starred as a quarterback in the National Football League, mostly with the New Orleans Saints, before retiring in 2007. The team then known as the Anaheim Angels win their first World Series, finishing off the

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Attorney General against Democratic candidate Josh Stein. One of them will replace Attorney General Roy Cooper, who is running for governor. Senator for the 11th District, told the group that he was involved in writing the HB2 bill, saying it was the right thing to do.. “The Big Ten Conference has started its own cable network, and the NCAA is adding thousands of new seats for March Madness. But if you wanted to see the

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Some felt the Bears were a full four year rebuild when the current regime was hired and certainly it is fair to judge Pace on the performance of the players he has brought in. Some have worked. Some have not worked as well. Participants in the Govenor Program for Gifted Children are identified by blue t shirts they wear. On the back is the latin phrase, “Ab ilo cui multum datur multum requitur”, which translates