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(CNN) A police motorcyclist in President Barack Obama motorcade died Sunday in Florida following a serious highway accident, police and the top White House spokesman said. To St. Mary Medical Center in nearby West Palm Beach after being critically injured in a crash. After September 2015, the bill for an average residential customer will increase about $8 monthly. February, before negotiating with the Public Staff, Duke had asked state regulators to raise electric rates by

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When the city heard about pocket neighborhoods they began to pursue the idea. It’s just in the planning stage right now, and Monday’s public meeting will give them feedback they can use to more forward. Some of the concerns from the crowd included increased traffic, flooding and parking access. Timing: Precipitation should hold off until mid to late evening across much of central Indiana. Early indications of the precipitation starting as snow for many this

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Material defect is something that might have a substantial impact on the health or safety of the inhabitants or the value of the property, Lerner said. Is really hard to know sometimes if the seller knew something and didn disclose or if it was simply something they weren aware of at the time. That would have been a deal breaker for me. NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) Orleans Parish School Board is closing schools and its central

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The program most familiar face spent the early part of the day as a spectator, having already worked out at the combine. But when Chris Long did work out, he did it as an outside linebacker, not at defensive end. “People start talking, you hear, you could play some linebacker in the league, so I said okay, let work on it a little bit,” he said. The city of Austin has already expressed interest in

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Hell, they are so good they can tell the difference between two bottles of the same wine. In one experiment, wine experts were given two bottles of the same wine, only one was labeled a “vin de table” (France’s version of “Night Train”) and one was labeled a “grand cru” (top rated vineyard since 1855). Want to guess what happened?. He was a defensive back in the NFL for 11 seasons.In 2014, Huff guided the

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In 2004, the Mississippi quarterback made it known he did not want to play for the Chargers, who had the No. 1 overall pick. San Diego played that to its advantage, trading Manning to the Giants for Philip Rivers, the North Carolina State quarterback who had been taken three spots later, as well as a 2004 third rounder and 2005 first and fifth rounders. The NFL star, who is a wide receiver for the San

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There are 30 games left for the Canucks and the Sedins still don know if they want to come back again next season. You would think both the team chance at success and their playing time would be factors in that decision. Last game, for example, Daniel Sedin played less than 11 minutes. Ms. Jubeck told me that the same orders were given to her from Bishop Anthony J. Bevilacqua and the Cardinals and Bishops

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The beginning of center Jason Kelce 2016 season had people thinking he might be nearing the end, but he made his second Pro Bowl by the end of the season. Still, another poor start for Kelce might have led the Birds to reconsider his future in Philadelphia, since they could cut him after 2017 and save $6 million, with only a $1.2 million cap hit. Similarly, tight end Brent Celek, 32, is unimpeachable of character

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But the movie business has larger accounting problems. Movie attendance hit a 24 year low in 2017 despite the firepower of Wars: The Last Jedi, and the Beast and of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. Despite the contracts signed by Kevin Zeitler and Joel Bitonio, the position is still viewed as inferior compared to the highly regarded offensive tackle spot. The recent success of young guards such as Bitonio and Zack Martin is starting to change

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A lawyer for President Donald Trump says he has clarified campaign rhetoric in which he called for a ban on Muslims. Circuit Court of Appeals in Seattle that, in enacting his revised travel ban targeting mostly Muslim nations, that time, the president clarified that what he was talking about was Islamic terrorist groups and the countries that sponsor or shelter them. Judges in Seattle are hearing arguments over Hawaii lawsuit challenging the travel ban, which