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Meetings with such critical national security implications typically include a broader team, including the national security adviser and a regional specialist from the National Security Council in this case, the head of the Russia directorate, a position recently filled by Russia expert Fiona Hill. Officials said the Russians recommended that a note taker be present in the bare bones official bilateral meeting. But Trump, who has repeatedly expressed concern over leaks, refused, instead relying on

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All four women emphasized the need for support, both inside and outside the home. Having a spouse with a flexible schedule is especially helpful when balancing job demands and family needs. Sands and her husband have a non traditional arrangement; her children are in daycare just two days per week since her spouse is mostly a stay at home dad. The count: We counted the number of restaurants in both areas, within one block of

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DeHaven was Steve Tasker s special teams coach at Buffalo. Under DeHaven, Steve Tasker became a seven time Pro Bowler I was a better football player because Bruce DeHaven was my coach, but I was a better man because Bruce DeHaven was my friend. Tasker said. A long process, he told The Associated Press. It walking, it strengthening, then eventually it running and getting back to football. But we on track, and next season shouldn

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Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger emerged from an early funk to reach his sixth Pro Bowl. Brown led the NFL in yards receiving despite missing the final 2 1/2 games with a left calf injury the team hopes will be healed in time for the conference semifinals. Bell’s decision to skip camp ended up saving his legs. Car industry is moving toward electrification. We going through a transition period. It going to take a number of years.

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These traits are reflected in investing styles, according to Sanders. Value investors, he said, are willing to take on the stress, but in return they spend their lives depressed, afraid and subject to repeated threats to their self esteem. Growth investors seek a declining risk premium and are willing to pay more for perceived certainty. A third person in the vehicle was not arrested. Monday. Forsman claims she does not know where the vehicle came

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People enjoy the raised boardwalk net to a new wetland area after a ribbon ceremony to officially open the newly completed Eureka Waterfront Trail on Tuesday behind Blue Ox Millworks and Historical Park. The section behind Blue Ox, which stretches from near the Samoa Bridge to Tydd Street next to Open Door Community Health Center, is the most recent and final section to be completed. Eureka gulch trails are planned, and a connection to the

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He a big man. So it worked out. A PROCESS, PEOPLE: the hippest word in NFL coaching and front office circles this year.Just about every one of the 28 head coaches and GMs who held news conferences Thursday said that word. Degai said Itelman is not the only language in trouble 40 of the 47 recognized indigenous peoples in Russia are from the north, Siberia and the Far East, and most of their languages at

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Our concern is that we want good fendering and protection in case something goes wrong.”The pilots took state bridge experts out in a boat to see the corrosion. State officials say they are addressing the problem. Gene Caldwell is with the state highway department. Colorado’s third year head coach also believes Nembot has become a sure NFL prospect entering his senior year in Boulder. Pro football might be Nembot’s least favorite subject to discuss. He

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Quintin Hampton (Moultrie, GA / Colquitt County / UCF) continues to lead the Seahawks. Hampton is tied for fourth in the NEC with 72 total tackles (43 solo, 29 assisted), in addition to ranking No. 3 in in both sacks (7) and tackles for loss (11). Jan. 6, 1989: You see a curse, we see a nice feat: The Browns advance to their second AFC championship in three years, losing the next week to the

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If the game was uncompetitive or the equipment malfunctioned due to human error (like wildly yanking on the controller in the heat of a Tecmo moment), the tourney organizers reserve the right to declare a winner without replaying any portion of the game.6. Tournament Disputes: Brett Strawn, Chris Derow and Chris McDonald are the tournament referees. They will decide all disputes unless one of them is a player in the game. Seeing the need, Jessica