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“Also, I want to be clear that a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don’t buy one. Unless you like fun.”What does someone not dislodging enemy soldiers from spider holes in WWII’s Pacific theater do with a flamethrower in 2018?Musk claims his flamethrowers which appear to expel a glowing, meter long stream of sizzling terror are good for roasting nuts.. 94 Pulelehua, Hawaii’s official state insect, were released in Kawainui Marsh this week in

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I agree Razor. Also I think Dial will be in at LDT, possibly in rotation with Armstead until he can get up to speed. I said it before, but I love the idea of Lynch/Tank/Dockett/Aldon on passing downs. Ashley Kulka (Beaver Dam) +64. Mia Seeman (Milton) +84. Lorenza Martinez (Divine Savior Holy Angels) +811. She was arrested after a struggle.Morin was being arraigned Wednesday on charges of driving after suspension, breach of bail and resisting

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All know football is serious, said Cox. Just having fun right now and being professional at the same time. We know why we here. Jazz musician Wynton Marsalis is 53. Actor Vincent Spano is 52. Rock musician Tim Cross is 48. Football on Thanksgiving is a tradition, so much so that if there weren games on Turkey day I would flip out. But can you imagine how annoying it would be in year one when

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Recently in this cherished space, it was written that the Regina Speed Skating Club would soon be represented at a fourth consecutive Winter Olympic Games. Wrong! The correct total is a remarkable seven. The RSSC long track honour roll includes Mike Hall (1994), Mark Knoll (1998, 2002), Kim Weger (2002), Justin Warsylewicz (2006), Lucas Makowsky (2010, 2014), Kali Christ (2014, 2018) and Marsha Hudey (2014, 2018). This is not a criticism of that line of

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The younger Hader moved to Los Angeles and resolved to write and direct “the kind of movies that would play at Sundance.” Movies a lot like The Skeleton Twins, which veers from Hader and Wiig tentatively rebuilding their relationship to the pair lip synching to Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” to a blowout argument that the long term friends practically siblings themselves were gutted to shoot. “I’d never seen her angry before,” says Hader.

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To midnight on Jan. On Jan. 30.. As an adult he used to walk to every match with my uncle. As a youth it was difficult to follow the success of the team from abroad but my granddad would send me the annuals for my birthday and with the advent of cable television it became increasingly easier to watch them play. Every other Christmas or so I would come back to visit family and my

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Is another in state product who lasted through the Jones to Pruitt transition. He is ranked as one of the top 10 defensive tackle prospects in the class by both Rivals and 247Sports, and a four star recruit for both. Emerson did not play as a high school senior in 2017 because of an injury.. “It is all player led meetings and player led workouts and we have to have a great foundation moving into

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Not the first who is fluent, but he has a great personality and he really embraces his community and his roots, O said of Cruz, a Paterson native. Fantastic. Whose mother was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the United States when she was 9, grew up around the language and doesn mind showing off his ability to speak it.. 2. Disqualify the Patriots and allow the Colts, the AFC runners up, to represent

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Is important to acknowledge the efforts of our IHIT investigators, the support from the Sunshine Coast RCMP and the partnership with crown counsel. Oct. 1, 2014, Sunshine Coast RCMP were called to a home where Denise Esme Lachance was found dead, having suffered severe injuries. “Making artificial turf fields safer for athletes is the mission we at Brock strive towards. It the difference between an athlete or child suffering an impact of 200 G which

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No doubt that all three cities put forth great proposals and presentations, Marquart said Saturday. Not sure there one single item or issue that put us over the edge in terms of having success. But certainly with our ties to the military and with it also being our 100th year (during the 2017 18 season), as well as the team having success and our overall presentation, we felt good going in and we felt good