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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) The University of Nevada, Las Vegas wants to make sure it’s a part of the conversation when it comes to building a state of the art football stadium in Las Vegas.”Both committees are focused on building a stadium, but we need to make sure that our efforts are coordinated and complimentary while meeting the needs of UNLV,” said Michael Wilcom chairman of CIAB.SNTIC is working separately with Sands Corp. And Majestic Realty

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“At the end of the day, I where my feet are,” he said. “If you support me, where I at, I can respect you. If you support me for being comfortable, I happy. He been in situations before where there have been productive backs on the team. He been a tremendous team guy since he walked in the building and a leader for this football team. Nothing changed today.. And apparently, that’s just a sampling

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) Doctors would be required to check a prescription database before prescribing painkillers and other powerful drugs under legislation that has won final approval. It is the latest attempt to combat Michigan deadly opioid epidemic. For many, the choices are limited to lobbying, petitions, and looking for promising progressive candidates to run a different kind of campaign the electoral campaign. Thinking outside that box usually means a one off march or rally, or

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Though his 1,036 yard junior season was statistically superior, Poole senior year was absolutely no slouch as he was named a Second Team All American by the Associated Press after catching 47 passes for 867 yards with 11 touchdowns as Plummer preferred target. A First Team All Pac 10 selection alongside Plummer for the second consecutive year, Poole ended his ASU tenure tied for the all time school record for career touchdown receptions (25), while

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“Montreal’s a completely different culture because of, obviously, the French and English and so on and so forth. It’s an amazing place to play and I loved my time here and I still love coming back. This is like my second home. Can we have a little Elvis please? (Thank you, thank you very much.) But we didn’t mean THAT Elvis. We meant Raven LB Elvis Dumervil, who is tied for the league lead with

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From McClease’s perspective, all he knows is Edmunds zeroed in on McClease at an angle as he took a handoff and ran up the middle of the field or, more appropriately, unsuccessfully attempted to find room to scoot away from Edmunds. At 6 foot 5 and 250 pounds, Edmunds didn’t go unnoticed by McClease before they made contact. There was just nothing McClease could do to avoid the de cleating.. Bye weeks are useful.Alas, the

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It turns out, there are a lot out there! Actor Russell Crowe knits, Randy Grossman tight end for Pittsburgh Steelers and Rosey Grier, minister and former professional football player, musician Ringo Star, actors David Arquette, Ryan Reynolds and Scott Baio all knit, crochet and do needlepoint. Rosey Grier wrote a book on needlepoint for men. In Peru, boys knit their own hats.. During a recent Wharton Leadership Lecture, S. Gopalakrishnan, the company chief executive officer

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Years from now, what will we remember from Super Bowl 50? Besides the weird NFL commercial featuring children singing about parental sex, not much; defensive wins championships, but rarely creates great drama (Malcolm Butler last second interception a year ago aside). Manning had no real signature moment to hang is helmet on; in fact, if Miller hadn stripped Newton in the fourth, Denver might have won the Super Bowl without scoring an offensive touchdown. This

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He’s not the only one in that position. Another guy, Houston’s stud defensive tackle Ed Oliver, isn’t playing games this spring. He let the world know earlier this week, via an officially issued team statement no less, that his junior season will be his last with the Cougars. “The Browns, it’s all about traditions,” Haden said. “A lot of the Browns fans they didn’t want us to change up. They wanted us to feel better

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Said he did not make his decision to attend Wisconsin because his brothers played there. He was drawn to the Badgers’ coaching staff and the atmosphere in Madison. Said. Think if you lay down, it going to show weakness. Every time I get hit, I want to get up just as quick as I went down. The bigger decision comes at the nine game mark, when the Oilers will have to decide to keep him