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The national champion Southern Oregon men’s cross country, Oregon NW Jrs. 18 Air Max volleyball and EastSide United FC Liverpool soccer teams were cited with the George Pasero Award for Teams of the Year. To conclude the event, Kelly’s Ducks and players Terrell Turner, Darrion Weems, David Paulson, Michael Clay, Jordan Holmes and Nate Costa with Carson York also in attendance also accepted a Pasero award for their terrific season.. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is

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Invoking again his campaign slogan of “Make America great again,” Donald Trump has wrapped up his first speech as president of the United States. Capitol included a pledge to empower what he called America’s “forgotten men and women.” In his speech following his swearing in, Trump painted a bleak picture of the nation he now leads lamenting crime, shuttered factories and weakened American leadership. Trump vowed to stir “new national pride,” bring jobs back, and

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Deadlines The For the Record deadline is noon the day before publication for Tuesday through Saturday newspapers and noon Friday for Sunday or Monday newspapers. Items may be delivered to The Register Guard newsroom at 3500 Chad Drive, mailed to The Register Guard, 3500 Chad Drive, Eugene, OR 97408, or faxed to the city desk at 541 683 7631. Births PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Centerat RiverBend Springfield Feb. Had 4 shots, drained a killer look

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If they cannot respect themselves, I cannot respect them. As for Thunderf00t, when Kraut and Sargon and Vee were all cackling about the tragic death of a feminist, he said he was “GLAD” he quit the skeptic community, that he wanted “NOTHING to do with them. Then, he makes his video about the Kraut it turns out that, far VERY FAR, indeed from having “NOTHING to do” with the skeptic community, he actually took a

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As a game, is kind of like that predator thing, Ray said. Can either be the hammer or the nail, deal the blow or take it. I definitely thrive off being someone my team relies on. The Mixon video has not been released to the public but was viewed by the media last week. Norman police, citing state law, say the Mixon video will be released to the public Nov. 1. Think it pretty cool,

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Seumalo, a second team all Pac 12 center as a sophomore in 2013, sat out the entire 2014 season after a pair of foot surgeries. He stayed healthy through the entire 2015 campaign, starting at both guard and tackle. If he returns to OSU for a senior season, he’ll likely be the starting center.. Kelly was given credit for pushing the Bills to use the no huddle and allow him to call his own plays.

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Yet every peep coming out of the NovaCare Complex Wednesday was that Maclin and Cooper are ready. Both were reported to have practiced fully, and neither was walking with any noticeable limp afterward. Maclin reported that he has been removed from treatment list and that he is clear to play without crossed fingers.. For some people, that would seem to be a burden of being a CEO; it would not be their first choice. I

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His attitude seems to be typical of most. Fans probably envision the typical NFL eater as John Belushi in “Animal House” a Blutarsky type on a cafeteria style feeding frenzy whose idea of the four food groups is burgers, tacos, beer and munchies. But pro football players, for the most part, are too worn out to eat big.. “My big idea behind joining the league office was that they held offseason camps for broadcasting and

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And it’s having people who have been in this game around. The expertise from the outside world is great. But this is still football. Feeling really good pumped right now, Onyemata, who was on the course with former Bisons teammate Evan Gill when he received the news, said in the press release. Am so excited to be a Saint. I am thankful to all of my Manitoba teammates and coaches for their support this would

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Women in sports and for indigenous women especially, I think it a very powerful statement and it a pleasure to share it with the country, said Sharon Firth, who competed in four Winter Olympics for Canada along with her twin sister. Twin will always be with me. We came from one egg, and that never ever going to go away. Years from now, as was the case years ago, arguments will be waged over the