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For example, you could have two bonds with the same probability of default, which the ratings service might give the same rating to. But one bond, if it defaults, might lose a lot more than the other bond. Therefore the ratings themselves don convey all the information about risk. The new design will include USB C technology, a multifunctional type of port that can handle charging, data transfers and display connectivity, one of the people

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The Pittsburgh dynasty was built on steroids. Terry Bradshaw, the quarterback who led the Steelers to their first four Super Bowl titles, admitted he used them during his playing days. The trial began just last month for Richard Rydze, the Pittsburgh team doctor from 1985 2007 who has been charged with trafficking anabolic steroids, painkillers and human growth hormones. That followed the first of two interceptions of Philip Rivers that led to 10 points for

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Even though I’m ranking Robinson first, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Bolles’ mean streak on the field, and the pride he takes in playing nasty and dominating the player across from him, make him sound like the prototypical Ben McAdoo player. I’m not sure everyone always hears McAdoo because he repeats it so often, but every time the coach is in front of a microphone he talks about wanting tough, physical

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Give extra credit to ‘s special teams. Brandon Wilson’s 100 yard touchdown return of a missed Oklahoma field goal gave a nine point lead. ‘s defense, overlooked because of its outstanding offense, sacked Mayfield five times. A Rod talked about how only a year ago he was in “a cave in Miami” serving his suspension for PEDs and how thankful he was. He said he usually doesn’t hear the difference in the boos, but admitted

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Can’t say I’m really worried about it. I mean I know a lot of people think I should be more than I am. I’ll cross that road when I get there. I living in the moment, Birk said. Time will come. We figure that out down the road. (Credit: KMOV)St. Louis County Police are investigating an incident that left a man and a woman dead in a home near Creve Coeur late Saturday night.St. Louis

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Anyone who comes out with a highly informative report on averting the allergies and possible remedies will sell it at any price he wants and still rake in tons of profits from it because up till the time of writing this article, no cure or solution has been found to this problem. This is just an example of profiting from reports that may not take you more than one week to write. Imagine making a

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In a momentous trade that sent jaws to the floor, the Bears dealt the 49ers a four pack of picks Nos. 3, 67 and 111 in this year’s draft plus a 2018 third rounder to slide up one peg to No. 2 on the draft board. Stopping Princeton’s 5 foot 9, 210 poind senior running back may play a very large role in the Tigers’ innovative and aggressive no huddle offense especially with Princeton breaking

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The offense, and he can create. Probably in terms of creating with his feet, he probably as good as we had since I been here. Month, Dantonio said Lewerke compares favorably in some ways to Kirk Cousins and Connor Cook, two NFL quarterbacks who led Michigan State to Big Ten championships recently. It was just me, I could stick it out. But whet it comes to my baby, I have to draw the line somewhere.

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It has important meaning to me. The average Joe/Jane on the street has no clue about what it took to earn it. My fellow soldiers and I know what we went thru and why we served our country, for us no explanation is needed, for everybody else. TE Ravian Pierce (42.2): Despite hauling in his second touchdown of the year, the junior JUCO addition was called for multiple costly penalties. A hold early in the

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I love the question. I’m going to go with Carson Wentz both guys are smart, love the game, but I like the bigger bodied guy, with the big arm. They say in the NFL, ‘there’s a place for a good little man, but it’s not in front of a good big one’. Will buy the assets out of a company owned by a dentist, stripping it clean of all of the assets, but the (nominee