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October 5, 2006The allegations of coaches having sex with students generated an abundance of rumors throughout Westlake making it a tough case to crack for investigators. As KPLC Lee Peck reports, Westlake residents are uneasy about what they are learning about the former coach.”It makes me feel appalled and scared for my children,” said Parent Jeanie Blanchard. In a town where everyone knows everyone, Westlake residents are upset to hear that an adult hired to

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City beat us fair and square on Sunday and its been a feature of the Jose reign that we are not good enough against our direct rivals. However what hascaught my attention has been the recycling of the money conversation and how City have bought this success. There are obviously 2 very distinct sides to this argument andthey will never meet in the middle and agree on anything.. Senate and House to maintain the insanity

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He definitely a kid that could be a very good player at the next (college) level. Seeded P (7 1) defeated No. 7 Woodbridge (5 3) 34 13 in last year sectional semifinal at Maloney Stadium. Think he an MVP. I don think there (any) question about it, McCarthy said when asked about Rodgers candidacy for a third career Most Valuable Player award. Been playing at an MVP level for a number of years. SUZY

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That’s OK with the 4,000 or so fans who turned out for the Fireflies’ arrival and autograph session. Dozens already had Tebow’s No. 15 Fireflies jersey. As it turns out, the best defense is a great offense that uses ball control. Long drives that scores points are the best defense because it a lot easier to play defense with a big lead when the other team options are limited. You can get great defensive stats

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CBS clearly knows what it doing, or at least hoping to do: convert a significant percentage of those Trek fans who sample the program into subscribers paying $5.99 a month. On a call with investors last month, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves called the series perfect vehicle to take All Access to the next level and beyond. Most streaming shows, success will be relative. With Peterson leading the way and trying to become the seventh player

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Know that we all have each other backs, Roosevelt said. That happens we will gather around them and show our support. It something that happens and you can even explain it. “He’s not the typical kicker. He works hard. Brad’s a good football player. A yawner on Monday night means it’s a good time to watch sitcoms with the fam. OK, maybe not. Against the spread: Dolphins plus 11.5.. He may not have made many

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On Friday, CU announced that the No. 19 jersey worn by the 1994 Heisman Trophy winner during his sensational career will be retired after this season. The late Salaam, who took his own life on Dec. That will be quite a challenge without Colson, a pre season All American who is enjoying his best season as a senior in South Bend. He leads the Irish with 21.4 points per game in 14 contests so far

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People KRQE News 13 spoke to Wednesday generally favored the idea, although not everyone. A big issue for those opposed is staying on daylight saving time all year long would mean New Mexico would effectively be in different time zones depending on the month. Changes their clocks in the fall, New Mexico would move to the Central time zone.. I think his rookie season and preseason kind of got a good look at what type

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In that game, guard John Urschel was flagged for an illegal formation penalty despite repeatedly motioning to referee Ron Torbert that he was eligible on the play. Torbert’s crew also ruled that Cardinals running back Chris Johnson’s progress was not stopped despite Johnson being held in the lap of nose tackle Brandon Williams before getting up and completing a 62 yard run. The league acknowledged it erred on the Urschel penalty but said that the

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The Techsters have traditionally been a real thorn in the sides of SEC teams for years. Most if not all of their big upsets have come on the road but they catch MSU at home this weekend. I still believe that Mississippi State is better than most so called experts are saying. The Rams HAD to win, and they did. The Saints’ game plan was poor, especially on offense, and this team likely cannot win