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34 of 38 homers last year were to right field, but looking at his spray charts, the entire field is covered so he’s not strictly a pull hitter. Mets for 3yr/$39mil, and if that’s what Bruce is worth, you should certainly be able to get the Moose for cheaper. Ink Moustakas to a 3yr deal in the ballpark of $10 11.5 mil and you have a DH who can also give Rafael Devers time off

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Dougherty has more than 20 years of science and engineering management experience in radio astrophysics. This includes Canada’s contributions to international radio astronomy facilities and R projects as well as leadership of major science and engineering activities at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO). He also led the construction and delivery of the WIDAR correlator for the Karl G. Here are five thoughts after the weekend marches: 1. If you believe the polls Yes, we

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“He’s a great football coach, a real grasp of all phases offence, defence, special teams. I think he could co ordinate at least two of those phases and do it as well as anyone in the league,” Jim said. “I’ve got half the amount of coaching experience he does. The NFL lead outside labor lawyer is Proskauer Rose L. Robert Batterman, whose hiring three years ago had some predicting a labor war. Longtime outside NFL

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The Eagles (15 3) have been underdogs in both playoffs games, mostly because Wentz was no longer playing. They were the first No. 1 seed not favored in a divisional round game, a 15 10 win over the Falcons. The popular phrase among Patriots fans, who have had to swat away the haters for years as their favorite football team keeps winning Super Bowls.Patriots owner Robert Kraft hears the outside noise, and even feels it

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Mowins, who has called college football for the network since 2005 and who has done play by play for the Oakland Raiders, will call the second part of the season opening “Monday Night Football” doubleheader Sept. 11 when the Los Angeles Chargers play at Denver. Mowins will call the game with Rex Ryan. Just want to keep the tradition going especially at the new arena, he said. Wasn trying to disrupt anything, just keep it

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Mr. Jackson was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the first pick of the 1986 draft, but he opted to play baseball for the Kansas City Royals instead, spending most of the season in the minor leagues before being called up for regular duty in 1987, when he had 22 home runs, 53 RBIs and 10 stolen bases as an outfielder for the Royals. He began to show his true potential in 1989, when

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Sometimes the splits are as big as three feet. Sometimes there is a smaller split between the center and guard and bigger splits between the tackle and the guard. The reason the offense takes a big guard tackle split is to make the defensive end make a quick decision and also make it easier for the quarterback to read him.. The problem is, that only gets them to late April. If a lockout persists into

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In the past, Australians rarely looked into their ancestry, and if white families knew of indigenous heritage, they often hid it because of the shame. Gillespie is the first known male indigenous player to represent Australia; it’s possible that other Australian players of previous eras didn’t know, or weren’t comfortable speaking up. Now people embrace their heritage. Rob Gronkowski, Dion Lewis and Chris HoganWhy: This is what the Patriots do to you. Weapon after weapon

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“He’s like the Terminator,” said UFC president Dana White. “He just keeps coming after you. He doesn’t stop until he finishes you.” Finishing off Lesnar (5 1) will be a challenge. Although Lucas attended college nearby, the site was the third choice for the museum. Lucas and his wife couldn’t reach an agreement with the director’s hometown of San Francisco or his wife’s hometown of Chicago. The Extra Terrestrial.”And, of course, The Force will be

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6.) The number of points the Ravens have given up without top cornerback Jimmy Smith on the field for the full game over the past two seasons: 27, 14, 26, 31, 27 and 39. The number of points the Ravens have given up in three other games during which Smith was injured in the first half and didn’t return (New York Giants, Patriots and Detroit Lions): 27, 30 and 20. It’s a trend the Ravens