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It’s hard to imagine that in an offense predicated on chucking the ball 50 60 times per game, the running backs would receive much press, if any. So here’s an Air Raid twist for the ages: Jamal Morrow, James Williams, Gerard Wicks and Keith Harrington have not only stolen a few headlines from Luke Falk and his army of talented receivers the tailbacks have been the story of fall camp to this point. Mike Leach

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Other than that, there’s no telling who will survive this mess. The only thing certain is that Jay Cutler won’t. He shouldn’t survive this week after his three interception performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past Sunday. COMMERCE, Texas (Men’s Basketball) It was a tale of two halves for Texas A University Kingsville (7 15, 2 8 LSC), with the Javelinas shooting an outstanding 52 percent from the field, but ultimately, A (17 6,

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So my choice is Bryant Young in a photo finish with Gore. Great player, great teammate and was a key part of the defense that was so critical in the 49ers’ Super Bowl run. He played his entire career with the club and was as valuable off the field as he was on it winning the coveted Eshmont award eight times. TE JARED COOK ranks 4th among AFC TEs with 638 rec. Yards. DE KHALIL

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Saturday will mark just the second time the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the country will play in the National Championship game. I think, honestly, we look at it really thorough. And we talk about it all. We always talk about one of the greatest traits is availability. Brown wasn’t particularly skilled or gifted with great mitts, stick skills or lacrosse vision, he just ran over and through guys, again, just like he

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Idea is, we sort of a one stop shop for serious athletes, Pam Laco said. Can come and not only do specific, specialized training for their sport, but they could do speed and agility training, they can do strength and weight training. We may eventually add a sports psychologist and some other staff. It for athletes who are looking to get to the next level. End Story area >. DeSoto, by the way, shares the

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Before he took the job as Cincinnati Bengals head coach, Marvin Lewis was making between $800,000 and $900,000 per year in Washington, with a bonus structure that could have pushed his income to $1 million. Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is in the $750,000 range. The Eagles did the right thing in awarding Johnson a deal commensurate to his defensive brilliance and reputation around the league.. “He’s going to be missed. He was a

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His decision making on the field, however, doesn’t match his decision making off it. Winston’s off field transgressions include shoplifting at a grocery store and yelling a profane phrase at the school’s student union that prompted a one game suspension last month. He faces a disciplinary hearing in December for an alleged sexual assault incident that took place in 2012.. First, any idea how easy it is to deflate a football? It requires one little

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The 2009 NFL season, which kicks off on Sept. 10 when the defending Super Bowl Champions the Pittsburgh Steelers host the Tennessee Titans, is ripe with intriguing story lines. After missing last season due to injury, can New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady return to Super Bowl form? After spending nearly two years in the slammer, how will Michael Vick fit into the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense, not to mention society? And perhaps most puzzling

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Sixty nine percent of the 303 Hall of Famers won championships. The selection committee, of which I am a member, seems to favor candidates with rings. That why the five time NFL champion Green Bay Packers of the 1960s have 11 players enshrined. When she complains about the weird and loud neighbors (including an unforgettable and deliciously nasty Beverly D’Angelo, who rubs her crotch to, er, completion when Alison is over for coffee), it turns

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Some head coaches, GMs and prominent players are easily accessible for one on one interviews, in person or via telephone. Other luminaries are off limits for anything except scrums. The CFL keeps bragging about its accessibility, but the teams media policies often transmit a different message. Be strong. Former football pro was also found guilty on both weapons charges he faced. The jury deliberated for 36 hours before rendering its verdict.. After receiving every break