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It also includes a $150 million transitional grant program to help small, rural districts struggling with the loss of a state aid program in September and $41 million to remove an existing financial penalty for small districts.In a letter delivered Thursday, nearly 1,500 local school superintendents and trustees urged Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to keep the funding and support the bill as passed by the House.Taylor accepted amendments Monday that added $40 million in grants

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The supplements, which normally sell for $32 a bottle, will be discounted by $8 if you purchase two bottles and $20 if you purchase four and the best part is that you aren’t limited on which supplements you choose so you could purchase four different types and still receive the discount. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY20 at checkout to save $20 on four bottles, or the code BLACKFRIDAY8 to save $8 on two bottles. And don’t

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Jack was at one point in the draft process projected to be a top 5 talent. He still that talent, but his torn meniscus injury suffered last season has scared some teams off especially in light of recent news that he may need micro fracture surgery. If you wondering why that such a big deal, look at Jadeveon Clowney, who had it towards the end of his rookie season and still hasn really returned to

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“We’ve been informed of the league’s decision to reinstate Josh. The personal well being of all our players is of the utmost importance to us. We respect and commend Josh for taking the steps necessary to have the opportunity to return to the league. This is the fifth year at the helm for Christiansen, a York High graduate, whose team will learn its NCAA tournament pairing Monday. The Captains had lost in the CAC championship

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Analysis: For now, Baker stays at right cornerback, although with Malkom Parrish exhausting his eligibility, there’s a chance he moves to the left side of the field. Regardless, Georgia got great news when it learned that Baker would be back. Baker finished the 2017 season with three interceptions and showed his skills as a lockdown corner over the final stretch of the year. Was indeed a lonesome kicker on Sunday night. His Indianapolis Colts dropped

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Flat out don like it, the manager said. Don like to have to deal with it because of what he done for the organization over the years. Once again, this is another year where we looking to the future, and Tommy Joseph is looking like he probably going to be in the future.. This forced a terrible choice on people: Use the increase to pay for a bus pass, or use it for food, shelter

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But despite being one of the wealthiest couples in the world, Bundchen insisted to the mag that motherhood will always be her main focus. “The most important thing for me as a mum is to keep my word,” she said. “When I say no, I mean no. Actor John Billingsley is 55. Actor Tony Goldwyn is 55. Singer Nick Heyward is 54. Such operations have become a focus given the explosive growth in alcohol producers,

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“It’s all on me now,” Cook said of his chances to be an early pick in the draft. “It’s all on how I go perform, and how I [can] jump the draft board. The week is here that I’ve been waiting for, so I just have to go and do my part.”. The Jets stayed put and had their choice of Adams or Lattimore, the draft’s top cornerback. They went with Adams, who was well

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Ramsour will have to get in line. This past year Prestige Imports in Miami accused Martin of selling the company a stolen 1990 Mercedes Benz 500 SL for $52,800. Prestige wants its money back. He uses the pus from infected vagina boils to describe his friend’s lady, which, by pretty much any standard, is only slightly more artful than a tired “yo mamma” joke. Also, it doesn’t even rhyme. But perhaps the weirdest thing in

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He hasn’t been beaten up for 12, 14 years already like a lot of guys. What I really liked about him was his toughness and how calm he was in pressure situations. That came from being a fireman.”. Schweitzer: That true even [when the resource is] people. We find, for example, siblings often compete for a scarce resource, which is parental attention. Siblings can be incredibly collaborative the best of friends but we also think