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First to be enshrined on Wednesday night was Jack “Mule” Jennings, a legendary athlete who became the most respected referee in the region. Jennings was a three sport standout at Annapolis High then went to Washington College and became an All American in two sports he’d never played before soccer and lacrosse. The longtime Annapolis resident is one of only three collegiate athletes to ever be named first team All American in two different sports..

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McShay: Three round head to head mock draftOur two NFL draft gurus traded off picks for three rounds, making the selections as if they were running each of the 32 teams.2017 NFL draft order: All 253 picksThe first round of the 2017 NFL draft has been set since Super Bowl LI’s epic finish, but the league has now released the complete draft order for April’s draft. Check out the full list.Kiper and McShay’s favorite player

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BOSTON COLLEGE (48): Only 12th among league schools, but the Eagles’ best Directors’ Cup finish. BC’s lone ACC title remains men’s soccer in 2007, though the school remains a national power in men’s and women’s ice hockey, sports the ACC does not sponsor. The Eagles’ women were second in the NCAA hockey tournament, the men third. It’s a select company. So in that right, it’s special. But I can honestly sit here and say that

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“He only had one offensive line coach for five years. That was me. That was a handicap.” Somewhat overshadowed by three of his linemates who were voted to the Pro Bowl, Nicks has quietly evolved in his second year as one of the better left guards in the NFL. But the 652 page budget bill says nothing about protection for the so called Dreamer immigrants. That omission largely explains why a quarter of Senate Democrats

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Robbie is the eldest in the Magasiva family of six siblings. Steve lives in London and works in IT, Miki shares the Magasiva creative spark and is a director whose credits include the Air New Zealand ad starring Richard Simmons, Pua’s twin Tanu is a builder in Auckland and sister Trina is in Year 8 at St Mary’s College. “Robbie’s always been the nice one and the one we trusted the most,” says Pua. Asked

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LINE: INDIANAPOLIS by 2 good as the Colts have been since Andrew Luck arrival, 11 5 in three consecutive years, management has not done a great job of recruiting for their star quarterback. Luck lacks protection on his front line while Indianapolis defensive line continues to falter against the run. The Colts also haven had much success in their own backfield, Trent Richardson being the latest flop. They need to keep their eye on the

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I can tell you that what was going through my mind was not batting this ball down, and I not taking a knee, he said. Don get that opportunity to carry the ball anymore, so the first thing through my mind was see what I can do with this thing. Darted ahead 11 yards and cut toward his left, before ending his involvement in the play with a lateral to Carvin Johnson.. “We answer these

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Cameron argues that with ACA enrollment being closed most of the year, there’s already a de facto block on pre existing conditions. If someone didn’t sign up for 2018 health insurance last fall and is diagnosed with cancer next month, they’re out of luck. Their pre existing condition waiting period is now the rest of the year but with the added sting of having no insurance at all. Fired by Tennessee last weekend, Mike Munchak

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“I mean, if we’d have played well we’d still have something to prove,” defensive end Chris Long said. “Every week we have something to prove. If you have a mindset any different in this league you’re going to get embarrassed because there’s good teams every week that you have to play that has weapons. File This Aug. The Minnesota Vikings have signed Richardson to bolster what was already one of the NFL top defenses. Richardson,

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Officers excessive use of force was unbearable, Bennett wrote. Felt helpless as I lay there on the ground handcuffed facing the real life threat of being killed. Is considering a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officers, attorney John Burris said, calling the incident A as to how every black man rich, famous or poor, unarmed and innocent, can be falsely detained, arrested or even shot and killed by the police. According to the report,