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In 1974, the owners pulled out a map of the United States, stuck pins in the location of existing franchises, and noted they lacked teams in the Northwest and in the fast growing region of north Florida. Presto. Franchises were awarded to Seattle and Tampa Bay, and they began play in 1976.. Don know, said Campbell. Don remember any eviction notice or anything. I think I just got up and left. (Byfuglien) is a pretty

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileOn Saturday, the 22 year old offensive lineman signed as a priority free agent with the Green Bay Packers, the second U of M Bisons player to get an NFL spot in as many years after defensive lineman David Onyemata signed with the New Orleans Saints last year.”It’s nothing that I ever really, like, thought about ever happening going into it,” Gray said Sunday at a spring

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Harrington (D Dist. 5) of Cheverly for inspiring the group formation. It was after a public hearing two years ago that Harrington told Shane Warren that he wanted to see more developers who like him. While discussing “First Things First,” he said, “We made a decision two years ago to walk away from traditional news and information shows. By our own admission, we canceled some of our programming that we had. ESPN continues to go

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16 17. The race in Edmonton will be held March 9 10. This will be his final year competing as a junior, and he look for a top 10 finish to earn a wild card to compete in the men division next year.. Cook is married and has two daughters. His bio says that, girls Quinn (11) and Ryan (8) are my life. We love to make little forts out of pillows, blankets and other

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With only a few exceptions, a disabled handler may take a service dog into any place a person without a dog would normally be allowed to go even when pets are NOT allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: restaurants, grocery stores, malls, theatres, buses, taxis, trains, airplanes, motels, government buildings, medical offices, hospitals, parks, beaches, amusement parks, churches, etc. A Psychiatric Service Dog may fly in the cabin of a USA based commercial

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Gibbons? While it not been made public, the San Antonio native is said to be making just over $1 million. Gibbons has a legion of naysayers within the Jays fanbase, but he does have a winning record in Toronto despite the Jays being in what has been arguably the toughest division in baseball and he won a title when he was finally given the pieces the club needed to win. It also much easier for

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Would likely no longer be the case if the state, or an entity created by the state, were to play a role in organizing the debates. He give the commission little leeway to decide who can participate, Perrault said it should have latitude to decide the format and aspects of the debates, such as the choice of moderator and questions to be asked. Such latitude is necessary given the rapid evolution of the mainstream media

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Are now considered obese (at least 30 pounds overweight). Certainly the fast food industry, with its traditionally high fat menus and ubiquitous ads, come in for part of the blame. Others point the finger at parents who have abdicated their responsibility to provide healthy nutritional meals; at schools that fail to offer healthy eating alternatives or promote exercise; and at cereal and juice manufacturers that load up their products with sugar and aim them at

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Actor Fred Willard is 83. Actor Eddie Jones is 82. Gospel singer Bobby Jones is 78. Take a lot of work and they often outlive their owners, he said. Need a lot of attention and when they don get enough attention they do get into trouble. Stories of people getting their kitchen ruined or base boards ripped off are not uncommon. His Twitter bio reads, “Believer in Jesus Christ, husband, father, son, brother.” In a

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The scoop: A wild shootout with 1,057 yards of offense by the two teams combined. Drew Brees passed for 323 yards and three touchdowns and Mark Ingram scored twice for the Saints, once on a 75 yard run. Colin Kaepernick played back to his old form for a change. Denzel Washington (“Roman J. Israel, Esq.”) was nominated for best actor, likely eclipsing James Franco (“Disaster Artist”). Franco was accused of sexual misconduct, which he denied,