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Dominique, who’s married to Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Donald Penn, completely agrees. “We’re not fans of this life,” she states. “We really live this life. When I met Jack Roosevelt Robinson, commonly known as Jackie, at the age of nine, I was immediately aware of the value this man, though he was just 19, of a different color and from a different background. I remember reading the book titled written by my friend and former

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Grant, a World War II veteran, had his teams line up in a precise formation for the anthem, and even practiced it during training camp. Last year, he called then San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick “trash” and said he should go to “Mongolia, Bolivia or Bangladesh” because of his decision to sit and then kneel during the anthem.What Kaepernick did has spread throughout the NFL in the wake of comments by President Donald Trump.

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Better moviesTV announces that an outstanding new movie is opening. The delightful Judi Dench is Queen Victoria in “Victoria and Abdul.” We have 18 screens in 23185, 18 in two theaters, absurdly showing the same movies most of the time. Would it hurt for one of the 18 screens to show an interesting, informative, even entertaining movie even if there are no aliens, no other planets? Possibly no profane language? What will it take for

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“He’s not just a guy the offense looks up to, but the defense, we look up to him. He’s been in the league a long time. He’s been doing it the right way for a long time. Here, said Pats head coach/GM John Paddock, adding that there are just a couple of things left to complete in his transfer agreement. Settled between us (and the player). He going to be on the ice Saturday. The

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Weaknesses: Narrow frame needs more muscle and overall play strength. Without a clean release, can be slowed or completely redirected by press. Average in contested catch situations. SNOOP SUPPORT: Among those who have sent congratulations to Ross Snoop Dogg , who was his coach in a youth football league in California. They remain close, and Ross visited his house last week. “You make the Snoop Youth Football League look great every time you step out,

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Thom Gossom, Jr. Did not set out to be a groundbreaker. He did not apply to Auburn University with the goal of being the first black athlete to graduate from the almost all white college. So that’s good. We have to get back to doing that in order to be as good as we want to be on defense. That was a big positive step and a lot of different individuals came up with plays

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PRESSURE POINT: The Raiders have done a much better job generating pressure the past three weeks since firing defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. Oakland has 12 sacks in three games under new play caller John Pagano, nearly equaling the total of 14 in the first 10 games. Bruce Irvin leads the way with five in that span, with Khalil Mack and Denico Autry adding three each.. It has been a jolt to the NFL in

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That, Goff’s inexperience, a new head coach in his first days on the job and the crowd factor will undoubtedly result in a simplified game plan for a Rams offense that is last in the league in points and yards. Expect the Seahawks to blitz with Wagner more than he did (meaning didn’t) last weekend at Green Bay. Expect ends Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril on stunts inside and out. “It too soon to say,”

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10. Is Blake Bortles really a better option than Colin Kaepernick?When it hinges on football, no. Yet Jacksonville Jaguars football boss Tom Coughlin recently declared that he didn need to explain the internal decision not to sign Kaepernick, while Bortles continues to regress. It’s all about James Hahn. His ambitions to be mayor. He is putting pressure on these policemen to come up with a better story so they can get some kind of evidence

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After three successful seasons in the Swamp, Smith was drafted No. 17 overall by the Dallas Cowboys in 1990. During his 15 year NFL career, he rushed for 18,355 yards and is still, to this day, the league’s all time leading rusher. “Part of that you can blame me and just say we got to call more in the run game,” Carmichael said. “Then, maybe there’s certain situations where you feel better about the pass