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Thinking about a division game, thinking about a tiebreaker, thinking about second place only adds pressure and adding any type of unneeded pressure only slows you down. Everyone knows the magnitude of the game but that not our focus. Will be the second time this season Calgary plays Colorado after a bye; the first time, it didn end so well, the Mammoth winning 11 7. Major additions: The Bengals added firepower in the draft with

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[Abraham] Lincoln said that a long time ago,” said Anthony. “I believe it’s a mistake for the President of the United States to say something that would further divide this country.”The protest began when Colin Kapernick decided to kneel as a protest against police brutality towards minorities.”Police brutality is something that has continued over the years, it hasn’t ended,” said Anthony. “What’s so important and making police brutality issues in these other states and other

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No arrest has been made.The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office told ESPN that the 29 year old Peterson had been cooperative with the ongoing investigation.”The Vikings are in the process of gathering information regarding the legal situation involving Adrian Peterson,” the team said in a statement obtained by E! News. “At this time, we will defer further questions to Adrian’s attorney Rusty Hardin.”No further details about the contents of the indictment have been released. The

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“The biggest thing Niner fans also want to know, is this guy going to be durable enough?” Neal said. “Can he come back? Of course he’s had a Hall of Fame type of career, sure Sherman’s played at a very, very high level. He locks down a corner of the field the way that he’s able to play, but can he bounce back from an Achilles injury?”. Lavrov denounced irrational myth about this global Russian

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The Your Edge workshop will feature two renowned instructors, award winning plein air artists Jason Sacran and John P. Lasater IV, who excel at design, sophisticated color mixing, paint application and edge control. Students will compose several landscapes of West Maui during the workshop, which offers a rare opportunity for local artists and students to receive intense instruction from nationally ranked professionals.. He would join Gus Johnson (2014), Terran Vaughn (2015), Zach Conque (2016) and

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Green is playing with a sore back. Tight end Tyler Eifert missed the past two games with a concussion. Safety George Iloka missed the past two games with an injured groin. Amazon, last November, announced it had signed a lease to take some 150,000 square feet in a yet to be built nine storey office building being developed by Oxford Properties at 402 Dunsmuir. That was part of the company plan to expand its local

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Sergeant Jason Robillard says they not expecting any problems, but patrols are being increased just in case. Definitely be downtown and on foot in the Granville Mall. We have officers just where we expect the large crowds. You think Bruce Smith isn’t grumbling under his breath every week? You think the wide receivers are happy about never running up the field? Even the saintly Darrell Green, a guy expert in the polished art of schmoozing,

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Sidney was a very good player for us. His leaving may have helped us sign five really I think outstanding potential wide receivers. We got a couple of players that look just like Sidney: 6’4″, 6’5″. The free agent offensive lineman, a Rosemount native, signed Thursday with the Vikings. He flew in from Chicago, where he spent last season with the Bears, and the move was official once he passed his physical.”He’s very, very excited,”

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And since the County has not responded we are forced to take a vote this morning to end the police merger. It is a merger this Council has worked hard to save and improve upon. This vote is coming pursuant to Paragraph 15 of our agreement. “There aren’t many holdovers left,” Kreider said of the eight former teammates who were with him in the Super Bowl. “Seven years is a very long time in an

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I don’t know how else to say it, folks: The New Orleans Saints are a bad football team. If The Franchise has one of the best games in his soon to be Hall of Fame career, and you still lose, it means you’re a bad football team. Weatherfordsaved more than his face three years ago. Ross can now join Joe Robbie as an owner with moxie who told the political interests, screw you, I do