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His current one expires at the end of 2019. To that, Pouncey replied: better, because I only got two years left on mine. A two time Super Bowl winner, Big Ben will be 36 next season One of eight Steelers at the Pro Bowl, defensive end Cam Heyward said to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that blaming coach Mike Tomlin for the playoff loss to Jacksonville is load of crap.

This week’s edition of Monday Night Football provided an unexpected prelude to the most anticipated regular season game of the year. The Miami Dolphins were not supposed to be part of the discussion Tuesday morning, as hype mounted for the collision of AFC powerhouses. But here we are.

The artist hit the dance club scene with 2007’s “Rollercoaster,” which quickly hit 1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart, followed by eight more 1 “Stars,” “Give You Everything,” “Pretty Mess,” “One Hot Pleasure,” People (Ignite The World), and most recently, Many F She has crisscrossed the globe on tour several times, including headlining the nation hottest clubs and festivals through her own label, Pretty Mess Records. Today, Jayne is ranked 42 on Billboard 100 Greatest of All Time Dance Club Artists. Her brand new single which was trending on iTunes on its first day, is out now..

Moath al Alwi has been held in Guantanamo for more than 16 years without charges. The Yemeni native was captured in Pakistan and originally believed to have been a bodyguard for Osama Bin Laden. Court of Appeals in Washington ordering al Alwi’s release could set a precedent for how some of the remaining 41 men held in Guantanamo Bay are handled.

The RBs: only 13 carries, but they combined to average 5.8. The staff and DR needs to trust his RBs. I truthfully don care how many yards he can get against inferior teams. “That’s against everything the United States stands for,” he said. “It’s not your ball team, it’s not their ball team. It’s my family’s ball team.

Under proportional representation, the tail wags the dog.Trump victory was an anomaly. History, both leading candidates were loathed by the majority of the populace, most of which voted against, rather than for, the choices on offer. In any normal race, Candidate Trump, despite a large, hard core base numbering tens of millions, would have been drubbed.In contrast, in a parliamentary system using proportional representation, a party passing a modest threshold, typically five per cent or less of the popular vote, will join the ranks of lawmakers and often be positioned to be a kingmaker.

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