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Can now interact using their cellphones while sitting in their seats, Chicago attorney Timothy Liam Epstein told The Seattle Times. So, you now have venue owners and teams that are participating actively in individual, targeted distractions that would seem to be a relatively easy way for a plaintiff attorney to defeat a presumption of the case getting tossed under the Rule. Last year, the Atlanta Braves reached a settlement with the father of a 6 year old girl who suffered a fractured skull from a foul ball..

At the same time, a new breed of activist investors were beginning to target under performing companies, not for hostile takeovers, but for drastic makeovers. Michael Price and Michael Steinhardt were among those investors who had enormous sums at their disposal. They had locked their sights on Sunbeam and in 1996 engineered Dunlap’s appointment as chairman and CEO ostensibly to turn the company around.

There have been a lot of crazy rumours since Wednesday; most have so far come to naught, and this still might. But if the party hasn’t dissolved into a toxic soup of recriminations, infighting, blind stupid ambition and terrible ideas, then a great many of the people within it certainly think it has. The best case scenarios some of us dreamed up after Wednesday night’s melodrama already look pretty silly..

Yes, I want our guys to get drafted as high as possible because there is pride involved and there’s financial incentive. But it doesn’t matter. Once you’re into OTAs the next week, no one cares where you were drafted. The actress shot down Walters’ suggestion that perhaps it was her fame surpassing Donovan’s that helped bring about the end. “Never in a million years do I think that success is what pushed a love away,” Bullock countered. “That’s not it at all.

And during the final nerve wracking minutes as the Cavaliers and Warriors traded baskets in an epic struggle, some fans couldn bear to watch. They buried their heads in their hands or paced. There were even a few huddled in prayer, looking for some divine help to bring a Cleveland team to the finish line..

TASCH’S TONIC: The Chiefs may have gotten some confidence from beating the Texans, but it’s nothing but a throwaway game at this point. They played a mediocre team with a subpar quarterback and an overall woeful offense. That doesn’t mean they can’t hang with the defending champs.

That because the Eagles have been at the forefront of a movement to use the NFL media profile and financial might to channel protest into change. It a positive step for a league that circled the wagons when President Donald Trump took the league into his sights during a rally for Alabama Senate candidate Luther Strange on Friday, Sept. 22..

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