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King Felix, the Cy Young Award winner whose seven year, $175 million contract makes him the highest paid pitcher in professional baseball, told federal investigators that he and his wife Sandra had no idea one of their credit cards was being drained in 2012 by the allegedly cyberscamming wife of another Mariners player. Maria “Jackie” Peguero, married to M’s outfielder Carlos Peguero, is facing three federal counts of wire fraud for making $180,000 in online purchases from Saks Fifth Avenue on Sandra’s card. Like soldier Price, she allegedly phoned in an address change that enabled her to use Sandra’s MasterCard online, placing 60 separate orders over a three month period and having them shipped to her Fife apartment.

Read More 18 best paralympic moments 10 days ago The 2018 Winter Paralympics from PyeongChang were filled with spectacular finishes and special moments for Team USA. We picked out the best 18 moments from the Games. Stars seek more. So, it’s a great atmosphere. Penn State’s awesome. It’s a fun place to play.”..

This is so true. I remember getting this in middle school in DC when I was getting good grades, other kids would tell me that I am not “down” with them. I think of when rap started to become mainstream, and when certain rappers became popular with whites, they were labeled as “crossovers”..

NFL Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith was in the Port City Thursday, November 16, to serve as the keynote speaker during the Salvation Army’s annual fundraiser luncheon. Photo: Salvation ArmyNFL Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith was in the Port City Thursday, November 16, to serve as the keynote speaker during the Salvation Army annual fundraiser luncheon.Smith, a native of Pensacola and former member of the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals, said he grew up playing basketball and other sports while hanging out at his local Salvation Army.Addressing the crowd of approximately 500, Smith spoke particularly to a group of young football players telling them that at the age of seven he knew what he wanted to do with his, I told my dad that I wanted to play professional football and that I wanted to play for the Dallas Cowboys, he said. Is a tool.

Peterson, who grew up in east Texas before becoming a legend as a running back at Georgia Southern, has a speech impediment and volunteers time to help kids who also suffer. He has a new book coming out along that line, “Don’t Dis My Abilities.” He has a strong family background and I’m more of a mind to wait before I label him a monster like those degenerates who burn kids with cigarettes and force feed them liquid soap. There is a marked difference, I’m telling you, in discipline and abuse..

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