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NOTES: Washington is 26 12 5 against Eastern Conference opponents this season. The Islanders on Thursday signed forward Scott Eansor to a two year, two way contract. TAMPA, Fla. (AP) There are many lingering problems all around Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, including thousands still without power and the evacuation of nursing homes. Sports teams around the Sunshine State hope to take people’s mindsoff their problems, if only for a few hours, when they return to playing fields around the state..

Trump is convinced that America is a corporation which he has come to own. He is the CEO. It is his God given and natural right to hire and fire whomever he pleases. “The running game is not just go to minicamp and then training camp in shorts and T shirts and think you will be successful,” Davis said when the unusual presence of two running backs in the same hall class was mentioned. “You need the pads on, need lots of hitting and repetitions. It’s like an orchestra..

It’s also impressive that the Bills have won three consecutive games in which their quarterback threw for less than 180 yards, but it’s not unprecedented. The 2000 Ravens, for instance, won seven consecutive games in which they never passed for more than 172 yards Weeks 15, 16, 17 and all four playoff rounds, en route to a Super Bowl title. Ryan was the defensive line coach on that team..

Two Chattanooga teens have earned the Girl Scout Gold Award. It is the most difficult to achieve, and only a Girl Scout Senior (grades 9 10) or a Girl Scout Ambassador (grades 11 12) may earn the award. “It’s a one of a kind opportunity for girls to engage in a rigorous process that calls for leadership at the highest level,” officials said.

Mom read texts from terrified son during lockdown.While they waited under a lockdown, huddled in supply closets and classrooms many started texting family members and friends telling them, “I love you.”One mom read the texts from her terrified son. He told her he wants to be cremated if he doesn’t make it out of the school alive.The main story: Ohio 7th grader shoots self at Jackson Memorial Middle School”He said come get me in like an hour,” according to mom. “We are in lockdown I don’t know if it’s a drill.

The whole phenomenon was made worse by a wave of adults who were raised in the 80’s. Movies like The Road Warrior and Terminator had promised us that by the time we grew up, we’d be living in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse, tear assing around a wasteland wearing leather and firing huge guns at each other, while fighting over precious food and gasoline. Shortages, in other words, were going to give us a blank check to act awesome..

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