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Edwards and company also added three running backs. Brock Sturges kept his commitment to ASU. Sturges is from Allen, TX, where Todd Graham once coached. This was now the first time I was being told I suffered a high ankle sprain, and the MRI I would get 15 minutes after that confirmed exactly that: tears in my ATL and bruising to my bone above my heel. Now I finally had the understanding what was wrong with my ankle and the reassurance of Doc Smith that I could possibly be back in as soon as a week. All was looking positive until you, Coach Kill, informed at the beginning of practice on Thursday that if I have the right attitude and work hard (with a tone that suggested I was NOT working hard nor had the right attitude) with the trainers that I will be healthy for the MSU game and even qualified it by saying the only way I wouldn’t be healthy is if I didn’t do everything you asked of me.

This reaction missed the point: ‘there did not appear to be any white players taking a knee’ (Ingle, September 24, 2017). Hence, such defiance could also be read as a sign of deep respect to the ‘nation’, despite its historical and contemporary contributions to racial inequality a need to both be a cosmopolitan individual and belong. (2013).

Could it be that all needed the wake up call of a trade to help take them to another level as players? But that maybe RNH has done so this year on this own, without needing the shock of a trade? Bob Stauffer of the Oilers raves about the work ethic of Darnell Nurse, and we’ve seen Nurse’s game improve each year by bounds. Stauffer also makes it clear that McDavid is a serious minded and hard working team leader. Rishaug suggests here that there’s yet one more level for McDavid to attain in his game preparation, and that’s the level now reached by players like Crosby and Pavelski.

4. James Michael Johnson, Nevada, 6 1, 241. His athleticism and speed are his best traits, as he showed at his pro day. It is true that there is a need for the Latinx community to be better represented in various different issues and spaces on campus. Problems range from the lack of visibility of minorities within minorities (such as Latinx folk that are undocumented and Latinx), to the lack of Latinx identified professors. It is also true that the institution of UC Berkeley as a whole is attempting to make some changes, such as the recently announced Chicana/o, Latina/o Task Force that is currently holding nominations, as stated by an email from Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion Na’ilah Suad Nasir and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Harry Le Grande.

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