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I can wait for Saturday. I will be watching with my in laws who are all OSU fans. In the past we have had heated confrontations during the games, but over the last three years things have been very quite. You not going to get 20 chances any more. The challenge and the key to it is your 10 and make the most of them. Don give anything up pushing from 10 to 20.

The pared down Conservative and Liberal parties might each then need to woo the social conservatives for support, reluctantly adopting, for example, capital punishment or stringent anti abortion policies in order to form a government.Under Canada winner take all system, the Conservative party had been able to tamp down the demands of social conservatives because they were subsumed within the party. Should the social conservatives have a party of their own, under proportional representation they could hold the whip hand, able to decide which party formed a government and thus able to force on all Canadians their policies, even those without much public support. More threatening still to Canada would be the separatist Bloc Quebecois the drip drip drip of the concessions it would demand holds the potential to slowly destroy Canada.Winner take all electoral systems, ironically, tend to produce governments that are more representative of the population as a whole than proportional representation systems.

Since the dawn of freedom, the words responsibility and its synonym, accountability, have been wielded against blacks like weapons. But, in times like these, responsibility and accountability are bandied about even more than during normal times. They are the watchwords of the moment.

Is just awful, she said. Have this happen to Sandwich is just unconscionable This area has fought for so long. You might as well just cut off this community and let us float down the river to see if we can find a better spot to be. So, although it’s surely true that Syrian security forces struck back fiercely at times in the brutal civil war, some of that reporting has been exaggerated, such as the now discredited claims that Assad’s forces launched a sarin gas attack against Damascus suburbs on Aug. 21, 2013. The evidence now suggests that Islamic extremists carried out a “false flag” operation with the goal of tricking Obama into bombing the Syrian military, a deception that almost worked.

The NBA’s salary cap is described as a “soft cap” because teams can exceed the salary cap figure. I’ve never felt that description was very accurate. Because of the enormous holes that are designed into the salary cap system, I prefer “Swiss cheese cap.” There are scenarios, though, where a team can hard cap itself for a season..

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