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Everybody should tell the NCAA to go where the sun don shine. Look at one great example and part of the major problems in sports today. Lebron James wen from high school to multi millionaire. so for our student athlete of the week segment. I asked guys playing in the big game. For advice.

The tires didn’t flatten. The sunny weather didn’t dramatically change. No deer darted onto the front stretch. DELPHOS In Delphos Jefferson 4 1 victory, winning pitcher Tyler Shrider allowed no runs, one hit and two walks. In Parkway 11 5 win, Alec Schoenleben had two hits, including a double, and three RBI and Cody Kuhn had four hits and two RBI. Jace Stockwell and Jacob Boop eachhad two hits for the host Wildcats..

Side: Seattle is coming off one of their best games of the season and have to smell blood in the water in San Francisco. Simply put, the 49ers have been anything but great in 2014. They yet to dominate an opponent and have had major struggles recently against poor teams despite putting together a three game win streak.

We’re itching right now on this stage. We know it’s getting ready to be football season. Yeah, you fans know it’s getting ready to be football season. TDs in past 6 playoff games. Since 2015, incl. Playoffs, ties for 2nd in NFL with 22 TD catches. The thing that I like the most about NFL is that it gives a lot of surprises. But there are just things that you can read clearly in NFL. Like Patriots doing really good or the Giants underdog win last year (yeah, I saw that coming).

Foster the People’s concert at the Ritz Ybor ended up a jam packed sellout, and probably could have filled an even bigger venue. Playing only their third show in Tampa, and their first outside a festival and amphitheater, the synth pop group showed why they keep moving way past one hit wonder status, and why their namesake frontman has quietly become one of pop’s most underrated songsmiths. Check out Jay Cridlin’s review..

And just as my village raised me to treat everyone with respect and to love unconditionally, we can send the same message to our youth and struggling communities well as to those who are charged with protecting them. My grandfather Esau motto was is Progress, Hate is Expensive. It is with the full support of friends, family, and community that I continue to fight for what is right..

0308: Drew Brees has his one year old son in his arms and is crying his eyes out. The quarterback, who has been a figurehead for the recovery of New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina, who was discarded by his last team, San Diego, is the NFL’s MVP and the Super Bowl MVP. The Saints are champions and the party has started in Miami.

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