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Sure, he’s only got Seattle’s Pete Carroll beat by a few months, but the average age of current NFL coaches is 52. The average age for AFC East coaches who don’t like to cut the sleeves off their hoodies is 45. And Belichick is more than twice as old as the league’s youngest coach, 31 year old Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams.

Have an inkling that all those guys are going to be starting quarterbacks in this league for someone, and they going to win a lot of games, Thielen said, they that type of character guys, they that type of football players, they guys you want on your team, and they guys you want to play for. Was inactive for the two playoff games, with Bradford the backup, a development that didn bode well for his future in Minnesota. Asked whether he sees himself as a starter in the league somewhere in 2018, Bridgewater replied, yeah.

Had back surgery in early ’87. Oilers have excellent young line. But right tackle Bruce Davis is 33. Think this whole process is hard to explain to anybody, Phillips said. Just have to go through it. It a big learning experience for how it going to be when you get to a team.

The Saints playedMondaynight in Minnesota, getting back earlyTuesdaymorning to get about three practice days. Now add in the fact that Brandin Cooks knows the Saints offense from his previous stop there. Think Bill Belichick has picked Cooks memory bank? Yes, the late Drew Brees to Michael Thomas score on the backdoor cover is a possibility, but here thinking this is a double digit Pats win..

Who was the spin doctor on this statement? What about the applicants to the service academies who really sought careers in military service, but were denied entry? Those positions are now lost to “athletes” rather than someone who would chose a career on active duty. Military academies and those proudly serving after graduation. I would suggest that if a poll were taken among career service personnel and veterans, there would be a much different outcome than the secretary’s determination.

Chuck, our QB, chucked the pigskin, and I caught it in stride at the goal line for the score. I ran out of the end zone and into my car. Drove home still holding the ball. OSCAR KLEFBOM. 3. Bad game, bold faced by an atrocious 2nd Period, during which Klefbom made one glaring error after another (I counted 6!!).

“Football is the ultimate team game, and as you know, no one gets to the Hall of Fame alone. And I’m honored so many of my Dolphin teammates are here today. Many of you showed up, and I thank you. When they are handing out scholarships to these athletes, the deal is fundamentally designed in such a way that you play a sport for the college to attend classes for and in the end, graduate! Thats the basic principle. All other arguments for $$$ are nothing but by a bunch of student athletes who haven made the cut at the pro level and therefore feel maligned. DON KILL THE EXPERIENCE FOR THE REST OF THE STUDENT BODY.

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