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After activity, wrap your ankle in a cold compression wrap, using a bag of ice and an elastic bandage, or a neoprene cold compression brace. Either way, 20 minutes of cold therapy will help to prevent inflammation and painful swelling from setting into your joints. Many cold compression ankle braces double as stabilizing braces that can be worn during activity to prevent further injury..

He is not going to be a workhorse and his running style leaves him open to big hits at times, but there’s real potential here. Eddie Lacy is a free agent and could be back with the team. Lacy has looked sluggish over the last two seasons and should be nothing more than a committee back at this point.

Not too often you have the opportunity to have the Super Bowl in your city, Smith said, as a fan, or even if you don even like the game of football, I suggest you come out and enjoy what out here, because it a beautiful thing. Of course, noted he rather be preparing to play in the Super Bowl on the 49ers home field, but that honor is reserved for the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, who meet Feb. 7 at Levi Stadium..

Baltimoreans woke up the morning of March 29, 1984, to discover they no longer had an NFL team to call their own. Gear belonging to the once proud Baltimore Colts franchise had been transported to Indianapolis in a procession of Mayflower vans the night before. Team owner Robert Irsay’s public declaration only two months earlier that he had no intention to move the Colts had proven to be meaningless.

Time for Congress to act in response to overwhelming public support for stronger gun laws, said Rep. Ted Deutch (D FL). March may be over, but this movement is not, said Sen. Kap threw away his career when he decided to protest on the job. If I pulled a similar stunt at my workplace my ass would have been fired on the spot. He is a one trick pony of a QB and the NFL figured him out over 2 3 seasons.

New York media is roasting the Jets for calling 11 passes and just two runs in the red zone at Kansas City. The Jets were 0 for 4 scoring in the red zone against the Chiefs. The league’s No. The Ravens were 20th in run defense last season, allowing 122.8 rushing yards per game. But in the Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers, their front seven included Arthur Jones, Ma’ake Kemoeatu, Courtney Upshaw, Dannell Ellerbe and Ray Lewis. There has been a lot of turnover since then, if you haven’t heard..

Quay: It’s a humbling feeling to know I was a part of something great in the Big Country and also as a Hawley Bearcat. No words can express how much this is a team effort. With the coaching staff and unbelievable players throughout my four years at Hawley.

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