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I hope he healthy. I know he didn come back, so I hope he is all right. It was a tough call, but you have to go with what they call. Marilyn Moniz Kaho became the Athletics Department’s third associate athletics director/senior woman administrator when hired by the late Stan Sheriff in 1989. During her 28 year tenure, five women sports were added, the last being beach volleyball in 2011. The former Wahine volleyball player (1972 75) was a part of Dave Shoji first team in 1975 that finished second at the AIAW Championships.

My military friend says that the National Anthem is for the entire nation, including babies just born. It is not just for the troops, it is an opportunity to celebrate a nation where everyone is free to do what they want, which includes putting a fist in the air. But people are also free to disassociate themselves from the NFL..

How, eyes rolling, some stupids on this board say we are losing money. Really? A former coworker of mind brought each of his sons to watch a pro bowl. He spent $11,000 on each trip here A FAN! Wow, eyes rolling again, I don understand the stupids on this board saying that the pro bowl doesn generate revenue here.

The moment, there was not anything anyone could have done,” DJ Triple G says. “I feel like the city is doing what they have to do given that the incidents that have occured here. But on the other side i want to say the incidents that have happened here could happen anywhere,” he said..

Of Center was killed while conducting a surveillance sweep in Iraq. His vehicle struck an explosive device and overturned, killing Polley and two other soldiers.Thirty eight year old Chief Warrant Officer Wesley Charles Fortenberry of Woodville died in April when his helicopter was shot down by insurgents while protecting a fuel convoy.Most recently, 37 year old Sgt. 1st Class Todd Clayton Gibbs of Lufkin was killed by an improvised explosive device while on patrol in Iraq.

“We knew we could do it. It’s just the fact of getting there and doing it,” Harbaugh said. “The good news is, we did it when we had to do, which was in this game. By Theresa SchmidtImagine if you were living in a crummy, old house and someone built you a brand new home. But, for months, you couldn move in for reasons that made no sense to you. That is the situation for some 90 residents who live at a local nursing home.Back in August 2005, they broke ground on a new nursing home to replace Oak Park Health center on first avenue.

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