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It reminds me of about 25 years ago, when teams first started doing center hung scoreboards. Only the visionaries started paying tremendous amounts of money for center hung scoreboards. Now you wouldn’t build an arena without it.”. I expect outside linebacker Leonard Floyd to make a major step forward entering his second season. Certainly the Bears have to be hopeful that defensive end Jonathan Bullard is significantly better. Linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski got a chance to play, and I’d expect him to be better.

Jennifer Ashton and, Jen, we have been talking about this and known videotape is an issue for so long. When you heard doctors say this is the most severe case in someone this age ever, what does it tell you. Cte, neurodegenerative brain disorder caused by repeated head trauma causing symptoms of memory loss, aggression, depression, in some cases suicidal behavior.

Football now has a firm footing as America’s favorite sport. While baseball may be our national pastime, the NFL is our national obsession. Television viewership is at record levels, networks are paying more than ever to show the games and ad revenues continue to soar.

With them saying that they finally walking away, it easy to ponder what they done. You think about the lives they affected positively. In fact, you think about the lives that the thousands of coaches in various sports at various schools across the province have affected positively, asking for precious little in return..

The gent put down $250 “on the Cardinals making the World Series at 500 to 1. He won $125,000. He also wagered $250 on them winning the World Series at 999 to 1. HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) Officials just identified the Louisiana woman who lost her life on Hwy 603 in Hancock County Thursday afternoon. June Spell died in the accident just north of Hwy 43 around 3:45pm.Investigators say the 73 year old from Covington, LA was driving south in a 2010 Nissan Cube, when a 2010 Ford F 150 headed north made a left turn and the two vehicles crashed head on.The driver of the truck, a 60 year old man from Grand Isle, LA, was not injured. Spell was taken to Hancock Medical where she was pronounced dead from her injuries.

Those first few games of that season were concerning at least as the Colts were just squeaking by (by the Chargers 16 14, the Patriots 14 6, the Oilers 20 14) but the big game was Kansas City steamrolling them 44 24. I still remember Cosell (yep, a Monday night game) saying Unitas “is washed up and he knows it.” It was at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore and yea, it was ugly. Unitas was one of my sports heroes as a kid.

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