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Dan Bailey has made 90.6 percent of his career field goals attempts. In clutch situations, there little doubt he can get the job done. Ladouceur hasn’t had a bad long snap in his tenure in Dallas, and Lucky Whitehead is sure to provide a spark returning punts and kicks with his elusiveness and speed.

Zito even won the Cy Young Award for being the best goddamned pitcher in the American League. Oh, and this scrappy underdog roster also had the league’s Most Valuable Player in Miguel Tejada, and their third baseman was an all star. So that might have had something to do with this team winning a whole bunch.

Clean your headlights, especially if they appear foggy or slightly yellowed. The polycarbonite or similar lens, fade with age and the constant battering of materials thrown up by vehicles in front. You can purchase lens cleaning kits that are effective in restoring the clarity of the lens, increasing the amount of light output by up to 50 per cent..

“I understand the magnitude of this decision and the strong opinions that surround it, both for and against, but joining the Big Sky Conference is the best possible course for our athletics program and for our university,” said Chuck Staben, UI president. “We have carefully weighed our options and concluded that competing as an independent with an extremely uncertain future conference affiliation would be irresponsible when we have the alternative of joining one of the most stable FCS conferences. The Big Sky allows us to renew traditional rivalries and offers our athletes the opportunity to excel, just as they do in our other Big Sky sports programs.”.

Mind you, this isn’t a movement and football coaches do have to pick their spots when deciding which metrics to use and which ones to ignore. The sample size isn’t comparable to that of MLB teams, which log 162 games over a six month span. A 12 game college football season obviously won’t spit out the same volume of numbers, so the trends are much harder to notice..

Protect your most valuable commodity: Been saying it for a month now: Battered Russell Wilson can’t afford to get any more. Yet two games ago Arizona’s Chandler Jones slammed into his arm and injured his pectoral muscle on his throwing side. Now here come the Bills leading the NFL with 26 sacks, and rookie Shaq Lawson potentially in a special hybrid linebacker/rush end role.

Another very important tip: call 911 or poison control right away. Keep the national Poison Control Center number (1 800 222 1222) programmed into your phone and written out somewhere you can easily see it at your house or in your car. The people that answer there will have immediate advice and can also steer you to the nearest poison control center in the area if you get bitten..

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