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Be fun to run Cup next year, he said of NASCAR’s top level, where he’ll go for Rookie of the Year in a Chevrolet carrying the iconic, stylized No. 3 made famous by the late Dale Earnhardt. Has a plan and I’m excited that their equipment is going in the right direction.

“I think he wants to be good,” Christensen added. “That’s half of it, that you really do want to be good, because that’s the beginning of ‘OK, if I want to be good, now I’ve got to take these steps to be good.’ I think DeVante is starting to do that. He’s way ahead of a year and a half ago.

“The average batterer is more likable than his victim, because domestic violence affects victims a lot more than it affects batterers. Batterers don’t lose sleep like victims do. They don’t lose their jobs, they don’t lose their kids.” In contrast, “a lot of victims come across as messed up.” (“A Raised Hand” Rachel Louise Snyder).

This year is a different story. Before this past week, there were only a handful of guys who were playing a legitimate RB2 role. Jackson, Miami Lamar Miller and Indianapolis Ahmad Bradshaw were the most consistent and reliable RB2s in the game. Happ had a better second half earned run average and much better numbers against teams in the American League East . This doesn happen often: The Jake Gardiner bobblehead doll actually looks like Jake Gardiner. The doll, however, is a little more responsible in his own end .

He never won the PGA Championship, one major short of a career Grand Slam. But then, the standard he set went beyond trophies. It was the way he treated people, looking everyone in the eye with a smile and signing every autograph, making sure they were legible.

If someone would just give Fish fans something to cheer for, Marlins Park could be a special place every night. It sucks that the Marlins are a perpetually burning dumpster fire that no more than 15,000 people can support on a given night. Fans hope and pray Jeter knows what he’s doing, because baseball in Miami can work if given a real shot..

Now they need to make another shift, another pivot, because now they’re not trying to keep their boss happy, they’re trying to find clients and bring in business and keep clients happy. Completely different set of soft skills. With the first half, you’re learning so much.

But Lang believes reproducing MLB’s model is a no brainer for the NFL. Baseball has already given the league a roadmap to follow, and although football teams have twice as many players, they also play far fewer games. Lang says the costs would be modest and would be offset by the extra revenue generated by increased collector confidence..

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