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This one goes back to the dawn of the Roaring ’20s, when Atlantic City, New Jersey was the go to summer destination for scores of American vacationers. The key word there being “summer” once Labor Day came and went, the city’s famous boardwalk looked like an atmosphere shot from the opening scenes of a zombie flick. Enter the Businessmen’s League of Atlantic City, and their plan to extend the appeal of their fine city with an event called the Fall Frolic..

UP The Eagles keep finding new ways to not only win, but to show that they legitimate postseason contenders. In their last four games, they won by a collective 89 points, and in three of those games, they performed poorly in the first 30 minutes. Pederson, of course, deserves his share of credit..

Yorton: That’s a tough one, and there’s no stock answer to that, especially in a start up world. [There are] a lot of other factors: Did you run out of money? Sometimes there are things outside of your own control that kind of dictate where you need to go. But I think for us, we are more resilient.

A few years ago, tailgating at Texan games got so popular that team officials had to cut down on the crowds. Once you’re inside the parking lots, though, no one does it like the Texans do it. If you want to be named the Tailgater of the Game or of the Year, you’ll face some tough competition.

Lockette, a star on the Seahawks special teams, was injured Nov. 1 in a game at AT Stadium in Arlington after being hit in the head and neck area while covering a punt return. Lockette said he couldn initially feel his arms and legs as he lay on the turf.

SCMPD Traffic Unit, Lt. Anthony Gallo, says, collisions are happening all over 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With pedestrians we tend to see more during the daytime but its consistent through a 24 hour period. Might see some different lines and different combinations, said McLellan. A great experience for some of the players who maybe aren ready to play in the league, great experience for our minor league players to play in this and also a reminder for our veterans that the real bullets are fired now. The emotion, the physicality and the game management situations, face offs and shift lengths, are going to start to come into play..

You come to a new team, the quarterback gets hurt. He was struggling early. It’s just one of those things. ESPN’s Mark Simon went a little deeper in his analysis of the balls and strikes calls through two games. Simon says (I’ve been waiting to be able to use that in a blog) the Indians’ pitchers have benefited from 7.4 extra strike calls 4.2 in Game 1 and 3.2 in Game 2. The Blue Jays, meanwhile, gained about one strike (0.9) in the series opener (from the story, this is defined as “more called strikes than the average pitcher would have gotten on the same set of pitches”), but were 2.7 strikes below average in Game 2..

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