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John Losch played on the first Little League Baseball World Series championship team in 1947 as a member of the Maynard Midgets in Williamsport. But perhaps his biggest claim to athletic fame came on the gridiron at the University of Miami, where he was an All American. Losch later was drafted into the National Football League by the Green Bay Packers, but played just one year.

At the time he said: are one or two individuals in this country that are black that have been put in front of us as an example. But they basically under a system that says, they not gonna do a certain thing. Yes, that disappoints me because I know they both know better.

Bio: A versatile, masterful technician who’s been the durable anchor in the Tigers’ offensive line (37 starts). Like his brother, Graham, who played at Illinois, the two siblings have starred at center. But because Ethan Pocic is more of a natural athlete, he has seen game action at both tackle positions and at right guard.

What the science of breaks is showing is we should be taking more breaks and certain kinds of breaks. Breaks end up being a very strong antidote to that dip. I mentioned the study of hospitals and hand washing; giving nurses a social break gets the hand washing back up.

ABC fell below CBS, which usually finishes last on a night the network used to own. With some key markets having an NFL overrun final live plus same day data will provide more accurate ratings. But preliminary data suggests a 2.4/7 for “60 Minutes,” followed by the season finale of “Survivor: Samoa,” which, in matching last fall’s finale with a 4.4/11, showed remarkable resiliency for a decade old franchise.

Contact Us,Despite the weekly disaster show on the field, the Miami Dolphins are at their highest level of popularity in years. That’s according to a Harris Interactive poll that ranks the 32 NFL teams from America’s most favorite to least. The Dolphins are America’s 13th favorite team.

This is joked about in comedy routines about teenage dating. But it is still evident when a father walks his daughter down the aisle, and most pronounced in communities wheredaughters pledge their virginity to their fathers, and seal the deal with a Daddy Daughter dance at a purity ball. And within this paradigm is the understanding that because it is the Dad’s job to guard his daughter’s sexuality, the daughter then, has no real agency.

California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the intelligence panel, said Bannon’s lawyer has told the committee that the White House will only permit him to answer 14 “yes” or “no” questions. He said Bannon is barred by the White House from talking about matters during the presidential transition, his time at the White House and communications with Trump since he left in August..

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