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The Penguins haven’t defeated Chicago since a 4 1 victory in Pittsburgh on March 30, 2014. Pittsburgh has lost seven of its past 11 games, but the prior six losses were on the road. The Penguins had won six in a row at home and took their first home loss in regulation this season..

“We can let this division know that we are still here,” McCoy said. “I think we get overlooked a lot, which that’s what comes with not winning. But we are still here and we can still make an impact on this division. 1: time to digest the offense this offseason will really help. It was kind of a crash course we were doing these last couple months. That will make things a little slower for me and help me out..

MADISON (AP) Alabama is the new No. 1 in the College Football Playoff rankings, with Clemson up to No. 2 and Miami and Oklahoma joining the top four for the first time.Wisconsin was fifth and Auburn was up to sixth in the rankings released Tuesday.The Crimson Tide had been second behind Georgia in the first two selection committee rankings, but the Bulldogs and previously No.

Minnesota and Jacksonville are the biggest winners in free agency. Now add in Philadelphia, which won big with additions of Alshon Jeffery and cornerback Patrick Robinson. New Orleans landed difference makers on each side of the ball in the draft, which allowed them to survive the awful free agent signing of Adrian Petereson..

Honoring America has to mean much, much more than standing at attention for a song (one which, by the way, contains racist language in later verses). One of the most important freedoms that our military has fought for over two plus centuries is the freedom of speech. When these professional athletes protest during the anthem, they are exercising one of the very freedoms for which our military men and women fought so valiantly, thus honoring our highest values and, in turn, those who have fought for them..

Berman pressed NFL attorney Daniel Nash on whether the league had “direct evidence” that Brady knew of a plan to deflate footballs prior to the AFC title game. Nash admitted there was no such direct evidence, but added, “Brady clearly knew. Judge also questioned if evidence exists that Brady knew specifically deflating of footballs would happen before the AFC Championship game..

Five things to watch in the Bengals’ draft:REPLACING A RECEIVER: Getting the right one is the challenge. Green and was a good target near the end zone with his height and ability to jump. Jones caught 65 passes for 816 yards and four touchdowns last season.

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