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Combine all of that with rumors about what really sparked Thursday’s announcement, and you get the feeling that there will be more Josh Gordon news in the coming weeks.It’s not about whether the Browns should have traded the dynamic receiver during training camp, since the new regime probably trusted Gordon about as much as you did.It’s not about what Joe Banner believes he could have received for Gordon in a trade when he was running the Browns. (After all, no one enjoys Twitter victory laps more than Banner.)This is about Gordon getting the help he so obviously needs.And it’s also about him taking responsibility.If he is the father of the little girl and it seems incredibly likely he is it’s a duty he’s repeatedly neglected, despite multiple subpoenas to appear in court.The 1 year old’s mother, Christina Lockhart, is on welfare, and will seek child support from an NFL player who has appeared in five games since 2014. And it’s not looking as if Gordon is going to be drawing an NFL paycheck this season.Everyone who knows Gordon says he’s a good guy.The rest of us really have no idea.This much we do know: We hope Gordon straightens his life out.He has more people counting on him than just teammates and coaches.You can follow me on Twitter for sports information and analysis, but not a breakdown of Cody Kessler’s chances Sunday at Washington.

The Maui News Grown Therapies will hold an open house and a job fair this week to answer questions and recruit employees for the company production center and dispensary. Thursday. Guests must be 21 or older. Murray’s 51 yard scamper in the third quarter put him over 1,000 yards, making him the eighth player in NFL history to reach the milestone in the first eight games of the season. He is the only player to open a campaign with eight 100 yard performances..

The Nebraska Athletics Hall of Fame Plaza is located on a renovated walkway, stretching from the columns above the Ed Weir Outdoor Track and Field Stadium and continuing to the historic NU Coliseum. The University of Nebraska Athletics Hall of Fame plaza is accessible to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week at no charge. The plaza is lighted for nighttime viewing.

All of which leaves the 9 6 Jets needing to win today at Oakland to assure themselves a playoff spot. If they miss the playoffs with their second straight collapse, Testaverde, 38, could be gone. He’s guaranteed $9 million if he’s on the roster June 4, but it’s doubtful the Jets would want a quarterback who couldn’t get a clinching win two years in a row..

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