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Then in the 1980s, real estate developer John Bloor stumbled onto the Coventry factory grounds. When he bought the land, he also got the rights to the Triumph name. Although the lore is that Bloor had never ridden a motorcycle, rather than bulldoze the factory, he decided to retool it, adopt some of the Japanese manufacturing techniques and create new, innovative, world class products.

The Saints had scored with less than a minute left to get to within one score, and then recovered the onside kick. With just a few seconds left on the clock, Marques Colston caught a pass inside the Seattle 40 yard line in a position to step out of bounds to stop the clock and allow Brees to take one last shot to the end zone. Inexplicably, Colston turned and threw across the field, clearly a forward pass, flags flew and the game was over..

Since his diagnosis 10 years ago, Mario has become an avid photographer, a passionate volunteer for organizations like Tourism Canada and he’s become an advocate. Dementia doesn’t stop people from being active members of the community. They are still the same family member, friend or colleague they were before the diagnosis.

Marijuana plants grow at LifeLine Labs in Cottage Grove, Minn., on June 17, 2015. With marijuana legalization only months away, members of Nunavut’s new government are finally discussing how the territory will handle the change. “We do feel behind in our preparation,” said Dan Carlson, Nunavut’s deputy minister of finance.

Bullies beware.hates bullies. Most of the people that fight, hate bullies, said Shelofsky. Been bullied or been victimized and they just say, enough. Beane said he has personally watched all of the quarterbacks that could potentially be selected in the first round, and any of them could be in play for Buffalo in this draft. The Bills have Tyrod Taylor under contract through next season at $18 million, but Beane has avoided calling Taylor a franchise quarterback. They could save most of Taylor’s cap hit by trading or releasing him before a $6 million roster bonus is due in March.

Suggs wasn’t on the field for almost the entire 2015 schedule. The six time Pro Bowl linebacker tore his Achilles tendon in the opener at Denver. He’ll likely need a similar recovery by receiver Dez Bryant and a vastly improved defense that includes the return of cornerback Orlando Scandrick for that to happen..

I’ll still pick the Steelers here, but I will not take them with any of my three remaining knockout picks. (However, I think the remaining 344 entries in my pool definitely should take them.) Against the spread: Bears plus 7.5. In London. LAS VEGAS (FOX5) Law enforcement officials have scheduled a Friday news conference in Las Vegas to provide details of a pre Super Bowl takedown of counterfeit branded sports items. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, agents, along with Las Vegas Metro police, seized knock off sports jerseys, t shirts and hoodies bearing counterfeit logos for the National Football League, Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association.ICE said two kiosk operators in downtown Las Vegas sold the items. They were booked on state charges of selling counterfeit goods.ICE also said the seizure would have been valued at about $15,000 had the goods been genuine.

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