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Will serve as the official destination for Kids Choice Sports 2017. Beginning today, May 31, kids will be able to cast their votes for their favorite athletes and all star moments from the past year. After voting, it game on, with all star polls and sports themed short form videos for kids to check out online and on the Nick App..

ON WHAT THE VIKINGS WILL LOOK FOR EARLY IN THE 2016 DRAFT: “Chad Greenway, I believe his contract is up at the end of this year, and with a lot of good weakside linebacker types in this year’s draft, I think that’s a position to watch. Jaylon Smith from Notre Dame probably will be gone based on where Minnesota is projected to draft right now, but with if Darron Lee from Ohio State ends up leaving early, Miles Jack from UCLA, there are some good players who could wind up fitting what they need at that position. So that would probably be the top spot there I would say if you’re looking at next year considering some of the contracts and what they’re looking at..

IN THE DAYS before her only son would play his final football game at Nebraska, Jan Berringer said the backup quarterback had a backup plan. Brook figured he had a shot to make it in the NFL, but was fully aware of the odds. Between workouts and combines, he would prepare himself for the day a coach requested his p laybook..

Despite the dropped ball at the end of the Eagles Week 1 loss on Monday night, Matthews had a fantastic night as the Eagles No. 1 wide receiver. The second year wide receiver caught 10 passes for 105 yards as the Eagles found ways to get him the ball in traffic and on the outside.

Back in 2012, the Chiefs then quarterback Matt Cassel was not having a particularly good year. As it is with every other team that doesn’t have Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, fans demanded Cassel be benched for the backup. Then, during a home game, Cassel was leveled by a Baltimore Ravens player and badly injured.

He led a Fiesta Bowl win over Baylor. The question: Is he an elite enough talent? Bortles is more inconsistent than one would like when he faces pressure. His footwork needs a lot of development. “I talk to him pretty regularly, and I got to see him in the offseason. He’s doing well. He likes Seattle, and it’ll be exciting to be on the field playing against him on Friday.”Asked if their conversations ever have included Walsh’s infamous miss in the playoffs, McDermott responded with a quick “no.” But Walsh did discuss that and his release from Minnesota last week with several Seattle area media outlets.”It’s part of my career,” Walsh told KCPQ TV about the miss.

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