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Hsien Yang: If you take the sort of governance model we have an independent chair separate from the CEO the board composition should be the board’s prerogative and not the CEO’s. I do not think you want to appoint someone who has an axe to grind because that creates a problem. But you do want to appoint people who will speak their minds.

Are always interested in hearing what people think within our community and elsewhere, on this topic or any other topic related to our Football Club, the statement said. Use the Edmonton Eskimos name with pride and respect. The Mayor of Winnipeg has an opinion he like to share with us, he should do so, the statement added..

“There’s a lot of good resources on this team for Super Bowl experience,” Long said. “Younger players really need to stick to the script, prepare hard and don’t try to do too much. The key is to take it out of your head that it’s the playoffs and show up and do your work.”.

Westbrook is another player that found his way onto this list last week, and after his strong performance on Sunday, he even more of a priority add this week. The rookie wide receiver caught 5 of 8 targets for 81 yards and a touchdown against the Seahawks, marking the second week in a row that he finished the game with at least five catches for 75 yards. Westbrook looked like Jacksonville most talented wide receiver in the preseason, and through his first four regular season games, his stellar play has carried over to the contests that actually count.

Rivera says in a statement that he excited about the extension because really like where we are as a football team. We done some really good things and we have an opportunity to do more. Panthers (11 5) visit the New Orleans Saints (11 5) today in an NFC wild card game..

And Seth Wickersham had to show for their interviews of more than 90 people was a whole slew of anonymous quotes, a whole bunch of unverified suspicions, and a whole lot of nothing.Of those 90 interviewees, only two (Bill Polian, Mike Martz) spoke on the record. Much of the information came from Matt Walsh testimony in 2008. They also used the word and tape and of sneakiness to shape the tone of the story.Buried halfway through the Spygate tome was this paragraph:Patriots primary victims saw Spygate, and other videotaping rumors, as confirmation that they had been cheated out of a Super Bowl even though they lacked proof.

The Texans are simply god awful and while the Jags let me down last week in their loss on the road to Tampa Bay, I really like the upside of this team. QB Blake For The Bortles is really coming into his own and the Jags have a lot of weapons on offense and a D that is capable of making big plays. This game will be close, but the Jags are simply the better team right now.

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