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Since Feb. 2, the Canucks have 11 points in 22 games. There is one team in the league that anywhere near that kind of ineptitude. Since 2014, the city has received 9,330 complaints about property maintenance, including 2,322 so far this year. The city is on track to issue more tickets this year than in any of the previous three. The city issued 70 tickets in 2014, 36 in 2015, six in 2016 and 62 so far in 2017..

It was not an infinity streak. There was going to be a time when it came to an end either because of injury or just lack production.was going to end. It was just matter of time. Luke Mylymok, the son of former Steelheads star Jeremy Mylymok and himself a one time Junior Steelhead, was drafted in the fourth round of the Western Hockey League bantam draft yesterday. The younger Mylymok was selected by the WHL’s Victoria Royals, formerly known as the ECHL’s Victoria Salmon Kings (ownership dropped out of the ECHL five years ago to buy a WHL team). The WHL is a primary feeder league for the NHL, so this is a big deal for a player with Boise hockey ties.

“If you want to see if a galaxy makes sense in our current understanding of cosmology, you want to look at the dark matter halo the collapsed dark matter structure in which it resides,” said Chris Hayward, an associate research scientist at the Center for Computational Astrophysics at the Flatiron Institute in New York City. “Fortunately, we know very well the ratio between dark matter and normal matter in the Universe, so we can estimate what the dark matter halo mass must be. Comparing their calculations with current cosmological predictions, the researchers found that this halo is one of the most massive that should exist at that time..

You’re probably wondering how in the world I didn’t break the story that the Giants had promoted Rob Leonard to assistant defensive line coach. We’re not related, so I have that excuse! But Leonard’s promotion headlines only a handful of changes to Ben McAdoo’s coaching staff going into his second year as head coach. Leonard, a Giants defensive assistant the past four seasons, replaces Jeff Zgonina, who left after one season to become the San Francisco 49ers’ defensive line coach under rookie head coach Kyle Shanahan.

MARKUP: Originally, I believed that Raiders coach Jack Del Rio did the correct thing by not throwing a replay flag on a sideline catch incomplete call in the first quarter. Michael Crabtree caught the pass and while it was very close, he did not seem to have both feet completely in bounds. So referees waved off the reception.

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