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Exceptionally skilled, Camas coach Jon Eagle said. Very smart. He rarely has an assignment error, if ever. But there was little further development in our understanding of the moon until Galileo Galilei drew one of the first telescopic drawings of the moon and noted that it was not smooth but had mountains and craters. Telescopic mapping of the moon then developed throughout the 17th century. And Soviet Union in the second half of the last century inspired further exploration of the moon, with the two superpowers competing to be the first to land a man on the lunar surface.

During his visit to China, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to offer to ease ownership restrictions in the oilsands by state owned enterprises to rekindle Chinese investment in Canadian oil and gas.The issue of oil sands investment is one we certainly going to lean into, Trudeau said Friday. He left Monday for a 10 day trip to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Hangzhou, where he attend the Group of 20 summit. His schedule includes a meeting with Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka Shing, the controlling shareholder of Calgary based Husky Energy Inc., a significant oilsands player.The Liberal government is focused on we can enhance the Canadian economy, Finance Minister Bill Morneau, who is on the trip as well, said on Aug.

News13 reporter Justin Dorsey said he heard gunshots as he arrived in the area Sunday afternoon.According to a release from the State Bureau of Investigation, the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office and the NC Highway Patrol were conducting a welfare check on 33 year old Kevin Anthony Battaglia at the home, but when officials arrived, he began firing at law enforcement.The sheriff’s office explains that the homeowner was upset and “appeared that something was wrong.” Battaglia was reportedly armed, had a bullet proof vest on, refused assistance and made threats to deputies. A deputy called for backup when shots were fired toward an officer.”As they arrived, Battaglia began shooting at the officers, then barricaded himself inside his home and continued to shoot officers. During the exchange of gunfire, Battaglia was hit and killed,” the press release from the SBI states.The SBI also announced that a trooper had been shot in his safety vest during the resulting two hour standoff, but he was taken to the hospital and released.Neighbors describe being holed up, laying on the floor of their homes as shots were fired.”I was petrified at the time,” admits neighbor Nathaniel Solomon.”As soon as I go to church, my wife and my family called to tell me that they were barricaded in the house on the floor shots was ringing off of the house.”First responders blocked the roads leading into the street where numerous law enforcement units were set up, firing shots, and taking cover.

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