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Another thing that helps the view of today point guard is we are starting to understand that position letters and numbers are designations for the casual fan more than a defined role. The days of the Stockton and Malone, point guard generated pick and roll can still be found, but we contend the best passer in the league is likely Chris Paul and the second best passer is LeBron James. Houston, OKC and Golden State the “point” in point guard signifies scoring first and foremost..

Schwartz: They move him around so much that it makes it hard to [double]. A lot of times when you a tight end on the inside part of the field, whether it two deep safety or middle of the field safety or even a quarter safety, you sort of have a safety over top. But they line him up as a No.

It may be useful, in such cases, to create a redirect from Julio Csar TurbayNote: This is likely more controversial than most of what else I’m proposingNames of people who have diacritical marks in their name should be listed using the diacritical marks, with a redirect from the unaccented version, plus any other redirects which would be appropriate. So, to use a more famous Colombian example, Gabriel Garca Mrquez, with a redirect from Gabriel Garcia Marquez (and remember to list him as Garcia Marquez, Gabriel, not Marquez, Gabriel Garcia). The exception to this is for people who have been much discussed in the English language press using a spelling without diacritics, thus Hermann Goering rather than Hermann Gring, but Kurt Gdel not Kurt Goedel, because the best known work about the mathematician spells his name with the umlaut.

MEMES students took field trips to YouTube Studios, ad agency 72 and Sunny, Fresh Juice Global, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Paramount and Warner Bros. Studios, and Dodger Stadium. Other guest speakers included Kendra Johnson, a vice president at Maker Studios; UCLA Athletics director Dan Guerrero; Disney Studios CFO Paul Shurgot; and executives from Sony, NBC and Huffington Post, among many others..

I just have three moves, Tkachuk said after scoring the decisive goal in the breakaway competition in Sunday 5 4 shootout victory over the New Jersey Devils at the Saddledome. Only used one out of my three moves right now, so I probably going to have to switch it up soon. Flames have switched up their shootout order, adding the 19 year old Tkachuk to their list of regulars for this season..

Kansas City will add wide receiver Sammy Watkins and middle linebacker Anthony Hitchens, filling two glaring needs. The 24 year old Watkins intends to sign a $48 million, three year contract with $30 million in guarantees, while the 25 year old Hitchens agreed to a five year deal, two people familiar with their decisions told the AP. The Chiefs have needed to pair a playmaking wideout with Tyreek Hill.

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