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According to those close to the situation, Schwartz fully expected the Bills to hire another offense oriented head coach. Once Ryan entered the picture, Schwartz had no idea of the role he’d fill on his staff. Would he actually remain the defensive coordinator? Or would he merely retain the title, a requirement if he stayed under contract, while someone else ran the defense?.

Golic, now a defensive lineman for the Raiders, was just beginning his football career at St. Joseph’s High School there. As the car pulled out, Golic, who had taken a beating in the game, was moaning and groaning.. KANSAS CITY, MO The four puppies (3 boys and 1 girl) who are looking for new families at our main shelter location and their names are Jackson Polluck, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, and Banksy.Adoptions are first come, first serve at KC Pet Project’s main shelter located at 4400 Raytown Rd.Investigators say four eight week old puppies were victims of a domestic violence and animal abuse case over the weekend.KC Pet Project employees were forced to shave the puppies because someone reportedly dumped latex paint all over them.”Sadly, the only safe alternative was to shave off all of their paint laden fur. They are resting comfortably today and being cared for in our shelter veterinary care center,” the shelter said on Facebook.Investigators believe the man came back to the house specifically to attack the puppies.Kansas City animal control officers are putting the case together and plan to hand it over to prosecutors soon.”It’s really hard to see something like this. As soon as the pictures came through to all of us that weren’t here on Saturday, our stomach just dropped.

Broncos at Chiefs ( 3): The atmosphere at Arrowhead Stadium should be electric for this early AFC West showdown. Peyton Manning had a very un Peyton like game. His only touchdown pass was to the other team and his longest completion covered just 18 yards.

1 live roach was in a gasket of a walk in cooler. 5 live roaches were in the door handle of the walk in cooler. 1 live roach were in the door frame next to a mop sink. At the dinner table, he’s staying away from red meats. OK, so he snuck in a steak for Father’s Day with his Dad but for the most part Miller is sticking with a chicken and fish diet. He’ll steam some carrots, broccoli or asparagus and mix in some potatoes for starch fix..

Psychologists Patrick Markey and Charlotte Markey conducted research that found that in the week following George Bush Presidential victory in 2004, Google searches for the top 10 pornography keywords increased above the average for the year in red states and fell in blue states. After the midterm elections in 2006, when the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives and the Senate, these Google search terms for porn rose in blue states and fell in red states. And in the week following Barack Obama presidential victory, porn searches were up again in the blue states and down again in the red states..

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