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The Chargers may have had good reasons to leave. But with every franchise shift of a team with such a heritage, I think the NFL loses even more of its soul. It like drinking a shot of the most bitter liqueur on the shelf. The best ever, man. Hands down. It unbelievable what he did.

If you look at a map generated by Slate showing this difference, the states with the greatest power in the Electoral College those whose citizens’ votes count the most are mostly low population, conservative states. Meanwhile, the states with the least power in the Electoral College are more of a mixed bag of conservative, swing and liberal states. Importantly, among the five least powerful (most populous) states are three that deliver overwhelming Democratic majorities every four years: California, New York and Illinois..

The top three corners are clear, and the fourth corner may be as obvious. Wade was the No. 17 overall recruit in the Class of 2017 and the fourth best recruit for the Buckeyes. The team already had scheduled bobblehead giveaways for Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and Anderson Varejao. Second year center Tyler Zeller was the season ticket holders’ selection as the fifth Cavalier to get his own bobblehead in 2013 14. Zeller’s big night will be Sunday, Feb.

Landry was just ahead of his time, though. The rise of Bill Walsh and the 49ers was the end of the struggle. Walsh would call the first 25 plays before the game. “Mark and I were very excited to form this thing and get it to a place where it has traction now,” Donatelli said. It’s either from stories that we hear from players and coaches who tell us and we go back and research these guys, they’re notable and warranted, and we do. We still have people to get to from the 50’s.

So under Baalkes watch you had Davis, Iupati, Aldon, Jenkins, Reid, Ward, Armstead. Scott McCloughan built a championship team in SF. He then moved to Seattle and Built a championship team and a super bowl winning team. Prosise (shoulder) and defensive tackle Tony McDaniel (concussion) missed the game. Injured safety Earl Thomas (leg) came on the sideline on crutches for pregame warmups. One of the casualties of this week’s Devin Hester signing was wide receiver Kasen Williams, who was a healthy scratch Saturday.

1 overall and that he has the most upside potential. Others say Allen is wildly inaccurate and they’re not as impressed. Allen and Baker Mayfield will on full display at the Senior Bowl in a couple of weeks, and we’ll know a lot more about how the NFL views them then..

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