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The Titans have made it clear Mariota is expected to be their starter Sept. 13 at Tampa Bay ahead of Zach Mettenberger, their sixth round draft pick a year ago out of LSU. For a franchise that started three quarterbacks last season, the Titans also are expected to keep veteran Charlie Whitehurst around too giving them three on the roster..

Smith was found guilty but an appeals court threw out the conviction after her lawyer claimed she was not drunk and the investigation was mishandled. Bukowsky argued Smith was actually drugged and raped before the accident and was denied presenting that defense in court. Judge Dalton refused to allow Bukowsky to use involuntary intoxication or rape as a defense in the original trial..

The aggressorPederson describes himself as conservative, but his play calling isn’t. Pederson has gone on fourth down with the lead the Eagles are 5 for 5 on fourth down. He took a point off the board last week after a penalty and tried a 2 point conversion it was successful.

Against the spread: Seahawks minus 9.5.CAROLINA over MINNESOTA, Sunday at noonBoth teams lost their starting running backs last week, but somehow placing Jonathan Stewart and Adrian Peterson in the same sentence seems a little like putting Emeril Lagasse and that guy from Dos Gringos together in a cooking contest. Of course, I do like me some Mexican food. Especially the chile rellenos with the verde sauce.

“[Saleh] did a really good job of helping me hone in on my fundamentals, that I had lost really freestyling on special teams,” Thomas said. “You have to really let it rip on special teams, there’s a really high speed game. On defense, things are more under control.

Production from OHV trails was three times greater than from forest roads . Sedimentation associated with linear footprints has been linked to population reduction of stream trout. Hundred peer reviewed studies that both the noise and physical presence of OHVs in wildlife areas effectively reduced habitat connectivity, changed animal movements and altered population and recolonization dynamics.

Evans comes from a family of elite athletes. Her father, Fred Evans, was the first African American swimmer to win a national collegiate title in swimming in 1975. Her brother Fred (of the same name) played defensive tackle in the NFL for eight seasons, seven with the Minnesota Vikings.

The Colts eventually won 23 17 in the league’s first overtime game, which helped popularize the NFL and was dubbed “The Greatest Game Ever Played,” although not by Gifford.”Not my greatest game,” Gifford told the AP in 2008. “I fumbled going out (of the end zone) and I fumbled going in.”Gifford had his best year in 1956, rushing for 819 yards, picking up 603 yards receiving and scoring nine touchdowns in 12 games. The Giants routed the Bears 47 7 at Yankee Stadium, where Gifford shared a locker with Mickey Mantle..

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